At Randolph we honor exceptional students with a variety of scholarships. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement, leadership experience, community involvement, and special talents (among other things), scholarships can help pay for your journey at Randolph.

Among the scholarships you’ll find:

Randolph Scholarships

Randolph College scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including grade point average, standardized test scores, leadership experience, community involvement and special talents.

Some of our scholarships have been provided by the alumnae and alumni of the College and their families. These scholarships can recognize an interest in a subject, or may have been established by family of an alumna or alumnus who lived in your community or state. If you apply and are admitted, we will notify you if you qualify for one of these special scholarships, and you do not have to submit a separate application to be considered.

We recognize and reward ongoing academic excellence. If you maintain satisfactory progress toward your Randolph College degree, your awards will be renewed for your second, third, and fourth year. Be sure to present a complete picture of yourself when you apply for admission so that you will receive full consideration for scholarship support.

Scholarships from Outside Sources

Randolph College students have proven amazingly resourceful in securing outside scholarships, which help finance their education. Current students are recipients of scholarships from such organizations as the Tobacco Region Scholarship Program, the English Foundation, the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame, and the Amherst County Farm Bureau.  Below are links to various scholarship websites that may be helpful to you:

The Student Financial Services Office recommends exploring multiple sources for scholarships, including churches and community organizations, Masonic Lodges, Elks and Moose Lodges, American Legion and VFW posts, local businesses and trade unions, as well as parents’ employers who may offer scholarships to their employees’ dependents.  Other scholarship resources can include and

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