STEM Scholarships

A recent grant of $1,000,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program allow Randolph College to make college more accessible for physical science and math majors.

If you are ready to apply, the SUPER Program Supplemental Application is here. Please answer the three questions at the end of the Supplemental Application as short application essays: while they are not expected to be lengthy, we do ask for at least a few full sentences. For more information and eligibility, please continue to read below.

Learn about SUPER from our video.

A SUPER Program

The scholarship program, “Step-Up to Physical Science and Engineering at Randolph College (SUPER),” builds on Randolph’s SUPER College Transition Program, a two-week, intensive, three-credit course that begins before first-years arrive on campus. The Summer Transition Program cost of $4,112 includes 4 credits, room, board, field trip costs, and supplies, and all students accepted into the program will receive scholarships to cover this cost. Some participants in the SUPER program will receive additional academic scholarships that are awarded based on merit, and certain qualifications that include demonstrated financial need (via the FAFSA, which must be submitted each year).

The 2024 Summer Program (required of all first-year SUPER participants) will run from August 4 to August 18 (subject to change). To see an example calendar of this awesome, intensive, 4-credit experience, you can see a past schedule here.

In addition to the Summer Program, all SUPER scholars will participate in specially tailored mentoring, academic support services, career guidance activities, and annual tailored seminar courses. SUPER scholars must participate in all aspects of the SUPER program and must major in science or mathematics.

Student well-being is paramount to success in a tough academic major, and we will focus some of our attention on programming on student wellness, including inclusion and resilience.

Eligibility and Application

Twenty-four students will be chosen to participate in the SUPER program. Students will be chosen based on merit, eligibility, and an application process.

To be eligible to apply for the SUPER Program and the opportunity for a scholarship, a high school senior or transfer student with first year standing…

  • must plan to major in science or mathematics,
  • must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA,
  • a minimum of a 500 math SAT or 18 math ACT (if you do not have a score, then a grade of B or better in Algebra II),
  • successful completion of a mathematics course beyond Algebra II.
  • Non-US citizens are eligible for participation in the SUPER program.

In order to be eligible to receive an offer of a position in this program, as soon as possible and with a scholarship priority deadline of March 1 and a final program deadline on May 1 (applications will be accepted after this date as spaces often become available), the student

  • must complete the Randolph College or Common Application,
  • must complete the short Supplemental Application (please answer the three questions at the end of the Supplemental Application as short application essays), and
  • must also complete the FAFSA in order to possibly qualify for additional scholarships (FAFSA is needed from U.S citizens only).

Eligibility requirements will continue throughout the four years of College including participation in beneficial program activities, GPA minimum, choice of major, and submission of FAFSA.

Building the Future

There is a shortage of qualified scientists and engineers in the U.S., and this federally funded program is meant to recruit and retain the best prospects who will become the nation’s future scientists and engineers. These students are the future of their fields, and we intend to do everything we can to make a high quality education possible for them.

For more information, please contact Professor Peter Sheldon or at 434-947-8488.