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This site is the repository of record for the current final versions of official policies of Randolph College. Copies of policy documents found elsewhere on any other website or the internet which are not linked on this site should be considered unofficial.

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Absences Due to Acute Illness or Injury
Academic Catalog (2022-2023)
Alumni/ae Association Agreement with the College (October 2010)
Alumni/ae Association Bylaws (September 2019)

Brand Identity Standards
Bylaws of Randolph College (December 2020)

Domestic Partnership
Drug Free Campus

Editorial Style Guide
Emotional Support Animals
Employee Handbook (2022-2023)

Faculty Guide to Working with Students with Disabilities
Faculty Handbook (October 2022)

Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Operation
Grievances, Allegations, and Complaints

Harassment and Discrimination
Health and Immunization Records
Hiring Process (Staff)

Institutional Review Board
Instructor of Record
International Speakers
Invitations to Campus

Key and Lock Control

Media Relations

Photo and Video Release
Psychotropic Medication

Safe and Inclusive Working Environment
Safety and Security
Scatter Garden
Service Animals
Sexual Misconduct (Faculty)
Sexual Misconduct (Staff)
Sexual Misconduct (Students)
Social Media
Student Handbook (2022-2023)
Support for Temporary [Student] Illness or Injury

Technology PoliciesTravel
Trustees Policies and Procedures (May 2019)
Tuition Payments

Vehicle Operation Safety

Website Accessibility
Website Privacy
Work-Related Injuries