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This site serves as a repository for institutional policies at Randolph College and as a resource for individuals seeking to create or revise a College policy.

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What Does This Site Include?

  1. Policies per se, as opposed to procedures or practices, according to these definitions:
    • Policies are broad statements of organizational behavior or intent, governing principles principles that mandate or constrain actions. They reflect the principles that guide the college or one of its constituent parts, providing a framework for, and often delineating the boundaries of, operations, sometimes for the purpose of ensuring external compliance or reducing institutional risk. Policies typically change infrequently.
    • Procedures enact policy. They describe specific actions, developed for the sake of consistency, that must be taken to achieve a desired end within policy. Procedures typically change more frequently than policies do. Policies and procedures often overlap within a single document.
    • Practices are uncodified procedures.
  2. Randolph College policy, as opposed to an external policy, law, or regulation;
  3. Policy that is institution-wide in its application, as opposed to being limited to specific office(s) or department(s).

What Does This Site Exclude?

  1. Policy documents of the Randolph College Board of Trustees, or corporate-level policy documents that are subject to board approval only;
  2. Curricular policy, including:
    • The academic curriculum per se (as distinguished from academic policy, which are subject to a separate a process as described in the Faculty Handbook);
    • Academic policy that is strictly curricular in scope (which are also subject to a separate a process as described in the Faculty Handbook);
  3. Any other policies appearing solely in the Faculty Handbook and pertaining only to faculty.


What’s Included What’s Not Included
(including those that contain, or allude to, procedure)
Procedures or Practices
Randolph College policy External policy, law, or regulations
Polices that are institutional in scope Policies that are strictly limited to specific office(s) or department(s)
Administrative policies, including:
Standalone administrative policies
Administrative policies contained within aggregate policy documents
Board of Trustees Policy or Corporate-Level Policy
Academic policies, including:
Standalone academic policies
Academic policies contained within aggregate policy documents
Curricular matters, including:
Curricular creation or change
Academic policy that is strictly curricular
Policies appearing in the Faculty Handbook that also appear elsewhere Policies appearing only in the Faculty Handbook

Questions and Contact

Questions can be directed to the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness.