Traditions are held in high regard at Randolph College and with the earliest traditions dating back to the early 1900’s.  Our most popular traditions are kept alive by both our current and past students with the Even and Odd Rivalry being the most popular!

The Even and Odd Rivalry

Pumpkin Parade 2016

Rivalry between classes that graduate in even-numbered years (Evens) and those that graduate in odd-numbered years (Odds) keeps class spirit running high.  The Class of 1903 unwittingly instituted the Odd-Even tradition by adopting the Class of 1905 as “little sisters.”

Even Class spirit was truly born when the founder of the College, William Waugh Smith, was advisor to the Class of 1912.  Symbols of Even classes are Bones, Buttons, and the Even Post.  Mr. Bones, President Smith’s dog was adopted as the even mascot.  Mr. Buttons, his horse, was tied to the hitching post (now known as the Even Post) in front of Main every day of classes.  Trophies of the Even Classes are the horse’s tail and ears, the dog, and a flag that depicts Bones and Buttons.  Even colors are green, white, and tan. The Eta spirit group, founded in 1922, keep even spirit alive.

Odds reached full spirit when the Class of 1913 were sophomores.  First-year Evens decided to bury Odd spirit and ordered a coffin delivered to campus for this purpose.  Odds heard of the plan and intercepted the coffin.  They hid it in the woods until they could safely hide it under a professor’s bed and burn it the next day.  Once a live tree stood next to the Crush Path as the Odd spirit, but the Evens viciously burned it down, or so the story goes.  Today the Odd Tree is a cement tree trunk replica that stands on the spot of the original tree. The Gamma 13 spirit group, found in 1911, promotes Odd Class spirit.  Symbols of the Odd Classes are the witch and the devil, and Odd trophies are silver coffin handles and ashes supposedly salvaged from the burning of the coffin.  Odd colors are red, gray, and blue.

Evens use the steps to the left in Main Hall Lobby, and Odds use those to the right.

Other Popular Traditions

Daisy Chain 2017

The coordinator of student engagement directly oversees the traditions listed below, if you have questions, concerns, or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch with the coordinator or any members on of the class boards!

Commuters are welcome and able to join the festivities at any time, if you are a commuter and want to learn about the possibilities, contact the coordinator of student engagement.

For more information check out Traditions at Randolph College.