Forming a New Student Organization

Are you interested in starting a new student organization on campus? Please see the steps below to start the process!

  1.  Contact the Coordinator of Student Engagement
    Potential new student organizations will meet with staff member to determine feasibility of forming a new organization.
  2. Submit Proposal & Complete New Club Petition
    Submit this form to the Coordinator of Student Engagement, Dean of Students Suite.  You must then complete the petition and secure 25 student signatures.
  3. Recruit an Advisor
    Find a staff or faculty member to advise your organization and have him/her fill out this form and return it to the coordinator of student engagement.
  4. Prepare a Constitution Draft
    A template for a new student organization constitution can be found here. Submit the draft to the Student Organization Committee Chair.
  5. Turn in Completed Paperwork to Coordinator of Student Engagement.
    The coordinator will review all the completed paperwork and then turn it in to Student Government.
  6. Set a Meeting with the Student Organization Committee Chair
    The SOC will review the organization’s constitution and suggest any changes that need to be made.
  7. Present to the Student Government
    Once the SOC has approved the organization’s constitution the primary student leader will present to the Senate for approval.