Center for Student Research

One of the hallmarks of a Randolph College education is the ability to participate in real world research and creative work. Students conduct their own experiments, pen original novels, curate art exhibitions, and work closely with faculty on research projects of all kinds. These experiences prepare students for the kind of research and problem-solving that takes place in graduate school and in employment.

Randolph College celebrates student ingenuity and creativity through such innovative initiatives as the Summer Research Program, the Symposium of Artists and Scholars, and the RISE Award, which grants funding to every student for the project of their choice. These programs are administered by the Center for Student Research.

We welcome students to participate in research as early as possible. Prospective students can complete the research interest form for future students to express their research interests and learn more about opportunities at Randolph.

Recent Student-Faculty Collaborations

Hands on History
Randolph students work to preserve artifacts at the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum

Streaming Data
Student research helps city assess changing health of Blackwater Creek

Students Continue Researching Inertial Navigation
Tim Slesinger ’14 continued research this summer to find a way to turn one of the most common electronic devices into a powerful navigational tool

Students Make Film for Summer Research
Sonja Cirilo ’15 and Ashley Peisher ’15 worked with faculty and staff to makeBeholder, which was selected to show at the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival.

Summer Research project looks for Middle East Peace
Sarah Terlizzi ’15 and Becca Leo ’15 had a lofty goal for their Summer Research project: peace in the Middle East.

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