16 Tidbits of Advice for Randolph College First-Years

New student with WildCat paw print tattoo

Compiled from a Snapchat survey of alums and current students! Let your parents fuss over you. They’ll be gone before you know it, and you’ll miss them. Don’t be a room potato. Use Orientation to meet people and get to know them because most likely they’ll be your bridesmaids/groomsmen at your wedding. You don’t need... READ MORE >>

Randolph College welcomes the Class of 2020 to campus

Move-in day at Randolph College.

Randolph College welcomed 231 new students to campus Wednesday. The College’s annual move-in day featured a large contingency of faculty, staff, and student volunteers who spent the day helping new students haul suitcases, boxes, and other belongings into the residence halls. SEE MORE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK “This is a wonderful time for the College, and... READ MORE >>

Saturday adventures help first-year students form friendships

Photo of students tubing in the James River

As part of Randolph College’s first-year orientation, members of the Class of 2019 spent their first Saturday exploring the wide variety of recreational activities Virginia has to offer, including tubing down the James River, hiking Sharp Top Mountain, engaging in paintball warfare in Glasgow, and studying acclaimed artwork at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum in... READ MORE >>