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Welcome to the Randolph College Press Room, an online resource center for journalists. All media inquiries should be directed to Director of College Relations Brenda Edson, at 434-947-8142, ext. 2 or via e-mail

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Media Relations Campus Policy

Randolph College strives to provide timely and accurate information to the public and the media. The Office of College Relations is the primary source of information from the College to the media and all press releases (unless permission has been obtained by OCR) should originate from the office.

In addition, all media inquiries, including requests for information, interviews, photography and videography, should be directed first to the Office of College Relations.

Randolph College is a private campus and respects the rights and privacy of our students, faculty, and staff. As such, the College requires reporters, photographers, videographers, and other members of the media to have prior approval from the Office of College Relations to be on College property.

All requests to use the campus for photo shoots or videography should also be directed to the Office of College Relations. Please contact Brenda Edson at or 434-947-8142, ext. 2 for information on the approval process.