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Parents Council

Parents are an important part of the Randolph community!

Parents Council Immediate Past Co-Chairs Ann Hepburn Webb ’84 and William (Bill) Webb, parents of Andrew ’21 together with current Co-Chairs Katherine and Chris Doyle, parents of William ’21 and Caroline ’22

We encourage you to become involved in your student’s experience through the Parents Council.

The Randolph College Parents Council, whose membership is comprised of parents of current students, facilitates communication between the College and families of current students on issues relating to academic and non-academic student programs and activities.


The Parents Council assists the College by serving as advisors and ambassadors, promoting Randolph College and its students to a wider audience in the following ways:

  1. Recommending Randolph College to prospective students and their families, showing Randolph pride by actively and publicly endorsing the College and its activities, and advocating for the College’s initiatives.
  2. Connecting current students to internship and career development opportunities.
  3. Encouraging Annual Fund support for the College from parents of current students, and giving their own support by making a donation to the Annual Fund.


  • Attend at least one on-campus meeting per academic year.
  • Participate in the Annual Fund by making a gift each fiscal year.
  • Encourage other parents to participate in the Annual Fund, and help the Parents Council reach 100% Annual Fund participation during each fiscal year by making a gift of their own.
  • Maintain awareness of College policies, initiatives, programs, news, and events, to serve as a source of information for other current and prospective parents.

For more information, please contact


• Anonymous ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Vernon P. Aaron
• Mr. Shahriar Abbassi ~I~
• Mrs. Laura Jesser-Abell and Dr. John D. Abell
• Mr. Michael J. Abernathy
• Mr. and Mrs. Steven Allee
• Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Allen
• Mr. and Mrs. John Antesberger II
• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Appel
• Ms. Carol Johnson Ashworth
• Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Bates
• Ms. Nicole Beck and Mr. Shawn Beck
• Mr. Stanley C. Berry, III and Mrs. Victoria Hemming
• Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bickey
• The Reverend Thomas D. Bowers ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bowes
• Mr. and Mrs. Garland S. Bradshaw
• Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bulavko
• Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Callahan
• Mr. and Mrs. George William Calnan ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Carpenter
• Ms. Mary Catherine Carrington
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Charest Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Clark
• Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Clark
• Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cole
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conner
• Mr. and Mrs. John W. Croney
• Mr. and Mrs. David K. Cross, Sr. ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Crow-Willard
• Mr. Wallace Daniels
• Ms. Hongyan Dedert
• Mr. Robert F. Deegan
• Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Dekker Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dickinson
• Ms. Vellie S. Dietrich-Hall and Mr. Harry A. Hall ~I~
• Mrs. Bethany Dinger and Mr. Jeffrey Dinger
• Mr. Christopher Doyle and Reverend Katherine A. Doyle
• Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Duckworth
• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dula
• Col. and Mrs. Richard J. Dunn, III, Ret. ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Royce A. Edington
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edwards
• Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Eisenmann
• Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Epperson
• Bishop R. Kern Eutsler* ~I~
• Ms. Iris Ferguson and Mr. Gary Dalton
• Mrs. Patricia Fisher ~I~
• Mr. D. Jay Freedman and Ms. Sarah Pscheidt
• Mr. Jeffrey Freeman and Ms. Lauren Farnsworth
• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fulham ~I~
• Mr. Thomas Gajewski
• Mr. and Mrs. Wade Garrett
• Mr. Osmund C. Geier III
• Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gibson
• Mr. and Ms. Christopher Gilman
• Mr. and Mrs. Randall Goble
• Dr. Dennis M. Goff and Dr. Janice E. Luth ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Graves
• Dr. Lisa M. Greenhill
• Mrs. Maria G. Guarisco
• Mr. and Mrs. John A. Guess
• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gula
• Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Gulbronson
• Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hamilton
• Mr. Bryant Harbison
• Mrs. Judith L. Hegg ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Ian Henderson
• Mr. John E. Herzog
• Mr. Howard J. Hinton
• Mr. and Mrs. David Floyd Howell ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Hudson ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Jacobs
• Mr. Bryan Jarrett
• Mr. and Mrs. Greg Johnson ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. Rohan A. Josephs
• Dr. John K. Justice, Jr. and Ms. Pam Risenhoover ~I~
• Ms. Stephanie M. Kendrick
• Ms. Dawn P. Keogh
• Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Keyes
• Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kughn Jr. ~I~
• Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lafsky
• Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Landis
• Mr. Aubrey Lane and Ms. Catherine Ford
• Mr. and Mrs. William Layton
• Mr. William J. Lemon ~I~
• Mrs. Adriana S. Luedke
• Mr. John F. Luedke
• Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Lutrey ~I~
• Ms. Chris Lynch Love and Mr. Joseph Love
• Mrs. George D. Martin
• Mr. Justin Kevin McCarthy
• Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. McFarlane
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGinnis
• Mr. John Mecenas and Ms. Deborah Milner
• Ms. Velmarie Merced
• Ms. Karen A. Milich
• Mr. and Mrs. David Morroni
• Ms. Susan Murray
• Mr. and Mrs. John A. Naples
• Ms. Catherine A. Nault
• Mr. and Mrs. Erik N. Nilsen
• Ms. Loreto Nunez
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oetken
• Mr. and Mrs. David M. O’Neil
• Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Page Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Penn
• Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Piascik
• Ms. Marta M. Powers
• Ms. Grabiela Quinones
• Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Quintero
• Mrs. Dorothy A. Ravenhorst ~I~
• Mr. Leonard Riedel and Dr. Pamela Riedel ~I~
• Mr. and Mrs. David K. Ritchie
• Mr. David Romero and Dr. Kim C. Romero
• Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rowland ~I~
• Ms. Ula C. Ruddock
• Ms. Janice Ruggerio ~I~
• Ms. Sara Elizabeth Saltmarsh
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Santacroce
• Mrs. Winnifred Schenkel
• Mr. F. David Schwentker ~I~
• Ms. Melissa A. Seay
• Mr. and Mrs. Khyam Sewer
• Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sheets
• Mr. and Mrs. David Short
• Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sites
• Mr. Barry Smith and Ms. Vicky Chandler-Smith
• Ms. Tari Smith
• Mr. and Mrs. Tod A. Smith
• Mr. and Mrs. George Stadler
• Ms. Stacy R. Starks
• Ms. Christian H. Stevens
• Mr. and Mrs. Eric Swords
• Mr. Richard Szymczyk, Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. Som B. Tamang
• Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Taulton
• Mr. and Mrs. Bennie F. Taylor
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Taylor
• Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thornton
• Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Tidmore
• Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Tomaszewski
• Mr. and Mrs. James Toms
• Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tookes
• Ms. Darla Torres
• Mr. and Mrs. Winton Tyree
• Mr. Henry J. Tyszka ~I~
• Drs. Karen and Seth Vogelstein
• Mr. and Mrs. Glen Waring
• Mr. and Mrs. William L. Webb
• Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Weber
• Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Westerman
• Dr. Marjorie Wheeler-Barclay and Mr. Daryl Barclay
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Whitlock
• Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Williams
• Ms. Mary K. Wirt

~I~ = Ivy Society member

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