Vita No. 7

Rediscovering Compassion: Alumna works to make refugee resettlement process easier for families

Melissa Goss-Jentz

At the parks in Seattle, Washington, where she runs and plays with her small children, Melissa Goss-Jentz ’03 is confronted daily with homelessness. “It’s becoming a bigger and bigger issue in Seattle, and we regularly see homeless people in all facets of our lives,” she said. “I was finding that the sympathy and compassion I... READ MORE >>

Tick talk: Biology students research the spread of cat scratch fever through ticks

Eynnar Claros Chacon (left) and Allen Vaytser extract DNA samples in the lab

On a warm afternoon this spring, Eynnar Claros Chacon ’19 and Allen Vaytser ’20 ventured into the woods behind Randolph’s softball field. The two biology majors carefully combed the forest floor with “draggers”—long, white sheets coated with carbon dioxide—hoping their prey would take the bait. Sure enough, when they returned to Martin Science Building, the... READ MORE >>

Oh, baby: Local midwife Katie Stewart Page '08 delivers 1,000th baby

Katie Stewart Page examines a patient at the Centra Medical Group Women's Center

For every professional accomplishment, Katie Stewart Page ’08 buys a new pair of shoes. The tradition started when she graduated from college and continued when she was hired for both of her jobs. However, when she delivered her 1,000th baby this summer, she broke tradition and celebrated by “delivering” a newborn from a cake. Page... READ MORE >>

Who let the paws out? Women's soccer team gets up close and personal with furry friends at Lynchburg Humane Society

Hannah Overstreet pets cats at the Lynchburg Humane Society

Zoe Waring ’22 has always been a dog person. However, after meeting a cat named Gravy while volunteering at the Lynchburg Humane Society this spring, she had to rethink her preference for canines. “I think the reason I liked him was he was more of a cat-dog,” Waring said with a grin. “He was so... READ MORE >>

Developed and Disturbed: Three students curate their own exhibition for museum and heritage studies course

(From left) Sara Primm, Elisabeth Ayars, and Jordon Kirkpatrick

Tasked with co-curating an exhibition on American landscape art for her Curatorial Seminar course, Elisabeth Ayars ’19 perused Randolph’s art collection for inspiration. Initially, she was searching for works that were similar and cohesive. But it was the differences between the works that really stood out. “They were all made with different mediums, and they... READ MORE >>

To the (food) rescue: Alternative spring break trip opens the eyes of Randolph students about food insecurity in Portugal

Students and staff pictured in Sintra, Portugal

It was a warm, spring night in Lisbon, Portugal, when Avery Payne ’21 got into a car and rode to the nearest hospital. When he arrived, hospital workers were already standing by with two large pots of soup. Payne and his fellow volunteers carefully secured the food before making several more stops at local restaurants,... READ MORE >>

Freedom School: Randolph partners with The Listening, Inc. to host summer literacy enrichment program for area children

Nick George, founder and executive director of The Listening, Inc., reads from his poetry at the Freedom School.

As middle school students filed into the banquet hall of Smith Memorial Building on the first day of Freedom School this summer, they were greeted with enthusiastic cheers and Harambee chants from enthusiastic, college-aged, servant-leader interns. During the first days of those daily greetings, the majority of the students either rolled their eyes or tried... READ MORE >>

Randolph's got talent: Nashville star Sara Beck balances love of teaching with passion for performing

Psychology professor Sara Beck performs on stage

When she agreed to perform in Randolph’s popular once-every-four-years tradition, The Show, psychology professor Sara Beck didn’t know exactly what she was getting into. During her first year teaching, she had heard stories about the comedy skits, the dancing tea cups, and other unique “talents” that her colleagues would perform. But when it came time... READ MORE >>

Bienvenue en France: Randolph student creates ties with French city

Anthony Fonnesu works with a colleague at Schneider Electric

With a father from Belgium and several other family members from Europe, Anthony Fonnesu ’20 is no stranger to French culture. However, a unique opportunity this summer to serve as the City of Lynchburg’s special ambassador to its sister city, Rueil-Malmaison, France, allowed him to fully immerse himself in all things French—including the language. It... READ MORE >>

Etched into history: Long list of esteemed alumnae included on new Virginia Women's Monument

The Virginia Women's Monument in Richmond, Virginia

The new Virginia Women’s Monument in Richmond, Virginia, is a beautiful testament to the women who helped shape the state’s history. Among the 230 names engraved into the glass Wall of Honor are notable Virginians, such as Martha Washington, Pocahontas, Anne Spencer—not to mention nine distinguished alumnae and faculty of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. “These women... READ MORE >>