Vita No. 10

Vita Abundantior – The Magazine of Randolph College – Spring 2021

cover of Vita magazine with graphic of TAKE 2 curriculum

Spring 2021...

Randolph professors find innovative ways to connect online and in-person students

This semester, Randolph professors were able to choose the method of instruction they were most comfortable with, be it in-person, online, or a mix of the two. Most who chose in-person instruction also opted to teach in a dual-delivery format, where online and in-person students attend class at the same time. ... READ MORE >>

New chief diversity officer Keesha Burke-Henderson brings experience, leadership, and commitment to students

Before embarking on a career in diversity and inclusion, Keesha Burke-Henderson worked as a communication lecturer—with a focus on culture, race, and gender—for more than 15 years. She also spent a portion of her college years as a professional, traditional African dancer, which taught her the importance of a global worldview. “I was living in... READ MORE >>

TAKE2: One-of-a-kind academic model will better meet the needs of today’s students

TAKE2 graphic

“Our faculty decided to ask why is this the system everyone in higher education uses?” said Gary Dop, an English professor. “And what if we decided to build our curricular model based on something that would allow our students to thrive?”... READ MORE >>

Health Center Director Ruby Bryant keeps Randolph healthy with a dose of creativity and hard work

Ruby Bryant

Ruby Bryant, director of Randolph’s health center and an RN, never knows when duty will call—especially during a pandemic.... READ MORE >>

Counseling Center Director Jennifer Bondurant helps students adapt to college life in a pandemic

Jennifer Bondurant

Jennifer Bondurant knew early on how crucial self-care would be for students during the spring semester.... READ MORE >>

‘It’s my job to make people care’: Work with ACLU-VA and homeless help Phuong Tran ’15 make community connections

Phuong Tran

Tran joined ACLU-VA in 2016 as a part-time employee. She worked her way up to a communications associate and is now serving as the digital communications manager. ... READ MORE >>

The Masked Singers: Special masks allow Randolph music students to safely sing together

Kayla Morris' 22 uses a specially designed mask to sing during a class.

Much like in conversation, cloth or surgical masks can muffle sound. The singing masks now on the market extend a few inches from the wearer’s face.... READ MORE >>

American Culture Program traces the history and politics of eugenics—and activism against it

Justina Licata

Every two years, Randolph brings in a visiting professor to lead the American Culture Program, diving deep into a singular topic with students.... READ MORE >>

New WildCat swim coaches bring a long history as competitors—and friends

For more than a decade, Lee Lewis and Greg Hofmann coached side-by-side during swim practices for two Lynchburg high schools—Lewis for Brookville and Hofmann for Heritage. ... READ MORE >>