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Randolph announces 2020-21 Academic & Leadership Awards

Art and Art History

Outstanding First-Year: Carmen Gruebl ’23

Rachel Trexler Ellis ’44 Art Prize for Excellence in Art: Kora Brown ’21, Lindsey Davis ’21
The prize is awarded annually with preference given to a graduating senior studio art major. The criteria for the selection shall include inherent artistic talent and academic performance. This along with the intention to pursue a career in the field of art.

Asian and Chinese Studies

Marilyn S. Murray Asian Studies Award: Kora Brown ’21
The Marilyn S. Murray Asian Studies Award is given to an outstanding student in Asian Studies.


Sophomore Biology Award: Maria Tumminello ’23
Each year the Biology department recognizes outstanding new Bachelor of Science majors. The recipients display a keen interest in biology and have the overall highest GPA.

Ann Grant Gerhardt Scholarship: Garrett Toms ’22
The Gerhardt award is given to an outstanding junior biology major. This award was established through the generosity of family and friends in memory of Ann Grant Gerhardt, assistant professor of biology emerita.

Grace Taylor Wiltshire HA Award: Amber Garrett ’21
Presented to graduating biology seniors who have a record of academic excellence within the major. The award is funded and endowed through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wiltshire, Jr.


Chemistry Department Award: Paige Edwards ’21
To recognize outstanding performance in general chemistry.

James Lewis Howe Award: Agnes Reyes Merced ’21
This award is presented by the Virginia Blue Ridge Section of the American Chemical Society to an outstanding senior from each of the colleges in the region. The recipient is a senior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the major; and has potential for contribution to the chemical profession.


Exemplary Classics Student: Sabina Sabat ’22
This award is given to students who set a standard for their peers in classics for engagement accomplishment both in classes and in activities outside the classroom, helping to shape our current and future community of classics.


Genia Melikova Award: Agnes Reyes Merced ’21
Instituted by a group of R-MWC alums as a way of paying homage to Genia Melikova, former prima ballerina and ballet mistress who passed away suddenly on March 5, 2004, less than two weeks after her last residency at R-MWC.

Rebecca Jung Award: Brianna Thompson ’22
Established by Jeanie Jung, R-MWC class of ’54 and is named for her daughter, Rebecca Jung. Becky, a long time dancer with Pilobulos, was a frequent visiting artist from 2000-2011.

Sally Spencer Award: Paige Edwards ’21
This award provides support for the College’s Visiting Artist Program in Dance through the generosity of Elizabeth Earle Kojaian ’84 in memory of her classmate, Sally Marie Spencer ’84.

Helen McGehee Award: Samantha Landers ’21
This award is an anonymous gift established in honor of Helen McGehee ’42, professor of dance and director of the Visiting Artist Program, Emerita.

Eleanor Struppa Department Award: Emma Carrico ’21
Presented for the Arts and Classics from the R-MWC Class of 1920 in honor of Eleanor Struppa, founder of the R-MWC dance program.


Kathleen Bowman Education Research Award: Sabrina Johnson ’21
Presented to an outstanding undergraduate teacher researcher whose action research project reaches beyond the parameters of expectations and contributes significantly to his or her development as a professional.


Academy of American Poets 1st Prize (Undergraduate): Evan Pausic ’21

Academy of American Poets 1st Prize (M.F.A.): Dana Krugle ’22 M.F.A.

The Academy of American Poets sponsors over 200 annual prizes for poetry at colleges and universities nationwide. The recipients are chosen by an off-campus established poet.

Margaret I. Raynal First-Year Essay Award: Stacey Dudley ’24

This award is given in memory of a beloved professor of English, for the best academic paper by a first-year student.

Margaret I. Raynal Prize for Creative Pose: Kaleigh Johnson ’22
This award is given in memory of a beloved English professor for the best short story. The recipient is chosen by an off-campus established writer.

Sarah I. Davis Prize: Jaelyn Evans ’22
Established by gifts from alumnae and friends to honor Davis for her many contributions to the College. The recipient has written the best paper on a topic in American literature or American studies.

John P. Kirby Explicator Prize: Michaela Seales ’21
Established by contributions from The Explicator Foundation and friends of Kirby, former chairman of the English Department. The award is given in his memory for the best close reading of prose, poetry, or drama.

Environmental Studies

Outstanding Environmental Studies Student: Abby Whitlock ’23
Honors the student who has demonstrated the greatest academic achievement in environmental studies classes over the current academic year, as determined collectively by the faculty.

Senior Award in Environmental Studies: Paige Edwards ’21
Honors the graduating environmental studies or science major who has shown the highest level of ability and achievement in and out of the classroom over the course of her/his environmental program.


Lura Lee Cannon Stephens ’11 Prize in History: Zeb Gray ’22
This prize was established by Mr. and Mrs. Bart N. Stephens (Barrett Krausz ‘45). The recipient is a student of promise who is majoring in history.


Outstanding First-Year Student: Rishab Agarwal ’24
This award recognizes the outstanding achievement in mathematics of a first or second year student.

Media and Culture

Carla Heath/James Hoban Award: Mengna Zhao ’23, Natalie Clark ’23
The Carla Heath/James Hoban Award honors first-year or sophomore students who demonstrate a passion for the field of Communication Studies and excellence in research and writing. It is named for two faculty emerita from the Communication Studies Department who shared their passion for the subject with students for a combined total of 43 years.

Physics & Engineering

Outstanding First-Year: Tyler Santini ’24, Valentina (Maria) Santos ’24
These students have stood out academically in physics class or in research while in their first-year at Randolph College.

Outstanding Contributor to Physics Education & Awareness: Shae (Michelle) Starks ’22
The Physics Department prides itself on its outreach efforts in science education. This award is given to a student who significantly facilitates this effort beyond the campus community.

Outstanding New Engineer Major: Dagim Desta ’23
This award is given to a student who has recently declared a major in physics and who has excelled in classes and/or research

Senior Major Award: Tyler Campbell ’21
The award is for the Physics major who has exhibited hard work, shown significant initiative, and has been most successful academically.

Political Science

Outstanding Student Leader in Global Studies: Rebecca Jones ’21
Awarded to a student whose academic work and leadership contributions have strengthened the program and the campus community.

Outstanding Senior in Political Science: Latesha Thornhill ’21
Awarded to a student whose work during his or her time at Randolph produced exceptional research and writing in political science.


Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Psychology: Hannah Edwards ’22
Awarded to a rising senior who has demonstrated excellence in his or her academic work and scholarly endeavors.

Frank Murray Award: Elijah Harrison ’21, Madison Murphy ’21
Named for a long-standing member of the psychology department and awarded to the best senior project in psychology. Project Name: The Relationship Between Interparental Conflict and Academic and Cognitive Abilities


Kenneth Morland Award for Best Senior Paper in Sociology: Eneida Rodriguez Santiago ’21
The award is a gift from alumnae majors in honor of J. Kenneth Morland, chairman of the sociology department from 1953–1987, awarded for an original student research project of exceptional quality.

Shirley W. Strickland Award: Chantel Spinner ’22
The award is a gift from alumnae majors in honor of Shirley W. Strickland ’45, professor of sociology and anthropology for 31 years. A prize is awarded each year to the outstanding rising junior or rising senior majoring in sociology.

Outstanding Senior: Alyssa Galbreath ’21
The Sociology Department chooses students based on their overall record in the major. The award recognizes outstanding seniors that have done well academically and, have demonstrated a high level of commitment, interest, and service within the department and to the larger community.

Sport and Exercise Studies

Outstanding Sport and Exercise Achievement: Devin Bagby ’21
This award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, insightful discussion skills, and commitment to sport and exercise studies endeavors in and out of the classroom.


Outstanding Contribution in Theatre, Academic Year 2020-2021: Kaitlin Weigle ’21
This award is presented to the theater student or students whose contributions to the department and the WildCat Theatre production season has distinguished them in their pursuit of theatre as a career.

Outstanding Contributor in Theatre: Alice in Wonderland: Alexus Allen ’21

Academic Achievement Award in Theatre: Sabrina Sabat ’22
The award is given in recognition of the theatre major who has achieved the highest cumulative GPA and consistently made outstanding contributions to and in support of theatre programs.

Center for Student Research

Summer Research Program Best Oral Presentation: Sabrina Johnson ’21
As assessed by all the faculty in the 2020 Summer Research Program, the award is presented to the student with the Best Oral Presentation.

Academic Services Center

Tutor of the Year: Paige Edwards ’21
Acknowledges excellence in tutoring and someone who often goes above and beyond to help students.

Best Writing in Social & Behavioral Sciences: Nate Peverill ’21

Best Writing in Arts & Letters: Sabina Sabat ’21

Best LMA Essay: Zachary Bishop

Leadership Recognition

2-year Service Award: Riley Lorson ’21, Hayley Ashford ’21, Kennedy Moulton ’21, Sha-Ron Bass ’22, Briana Harbison ’21, Conner Dobbins ’22, Renee Sarpong ’21, James Neri ’21
The Residence Life 2-Year Service Award recognizes dedication to residence life and honors those students who have been staff members for two years.

3-year Service Award: Jdody Misidor ’21, Ranita Opoku-Sarfo ’21, Lindsey Taylor ’21
The Residence Life 3-Year Service Award recognizes dedication to residence life and honors those students who have been staff members for three years.

Outstanding Davenport Leader: Sha-Ron Bass ’22
The Office of Campus Life recognizes a Davenport Leader that exceeds expectations and makes a significant impact for first-year students through mentoring and modeling the way.

Outstanding Randolph Programming Member: Natalia Hernandez ’23
The Randolph Programming Board (RPB) is Randolph College’s very own student-run programming board. RPB recognizes a student member for work that exceeds the organization’s expectations.

Dorothy Hughes Award: Lindsey Taylor ’21
First given in the late 1980s, the Dorothy Hughes Award recognizes outstanding contributions to campus life through work as a Resident Assistant. Criteria for this award includes fulfilling all expectations of the RA position, challenging peers and staff, supporting diversity, being a positive role model in the campus community, and making significant contributions to the residential life of the campus.

Outstanding Gold Key Guide: Sha-Ron Bass ’22

ABCD Award: Sha-Ron Bass ’22
This award recognizes a student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty while supporting and positively impacting the College.

Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Contributor Award: Paige Edwards ’21
Although the student’s leadership contribution was behind the scenes, this award recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding campus leadership that had a significant influence on student life.

Outstanding Contributor to Intercultural Awareness Award: Avery Payne ’21
Recognizes an individual who has made specific contributions to the campus community by promoting intercultural understanding through programming or personal involvement. This person has done a significant amount of work on social justice issues and fostering an equitable community in which members feel more safe and secure.

Student-Mentor Award: Agnes Reyes Merced ’21
Recognizes a student who has effectively mentored younger students within an organization, sister class, or in general at Randolph College.

Initiative Award: Shae Starks ’22, Rebecca Heidenfelder ’21
This award recognizes a student who has shown outstanding leadership contributions whose initiation had a significant impact on student life at Randolph College.

Continued Excellence Award: Ruby Bryant
This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has gone above and beyond to advise students and support them in their endeavors.

Virginia Hill Worden Exemplary Leadership Award: Josh Bulavko ’22
Presented to a rising senior who demonstrates courage, grace, energy, humor, and creativity through campus leadership, particularly on challenging or contentious issues. The award was established in honor of Virginia Hill Worden ’69 and her contributions to her alma mater as interim president in 2006- 2007.

Volunteer Leadership Award: Avery Payne ’21
Established by an alumna and her husband to recognize a student who shows great promise of leadership as a member of the alumnae body. The recipient of this award is an individual who has set an example for leadership through volunteer efforts benefiting the College with service in such areas as admissions, alumnae relations, special events, development and other external relations programs, and through encouragement of others to provide such service as well.

Dean’s Leadership Award: Paige Edwards ’21
Recognizes a graduating senior who has made a significant impact on student life and the campus community through progressive leadership responsibility within an organization or through participation in a variety of activities. The Dean of Students and the Provost jointly consider and select the recipient based on academic and co-curricular contributions to the College.

Rachel Dean Memorial Award: Jdody Misidor ‘21
This award is presented to a member of the graduating class in odd class years who has contributed to class and school spirit, leadership, and demonstrated interest in a career in government service.

Student of the Year Award: Ranita Opoku-Sarfo ’21
This award recognizes a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and integrity as a member of the College community.

Student Government 2020-2021

Ranita Opoku-Sarfo ’21 – President
Sha-Ron Bass ’22 – Vice President
Renee Sarpong ’21 – Publicity Officer
Samuel Mott ’21 – Treasurer
Analise Presley ’22 – Secretary
Hannah O’Berry ’21 – Judicial Chair
Paige Edwards ’21 – Judicial Vice Chair
Kyle May ’22 – Exam Chair
Ninfa Amador-Hernandez ’22 – Senator
Joshua Bowes ’23 – Senator
Katlyn Collins ’22 – Senator
Colby Cook ’24 – Senator
Hanan Davis ’23 – Senator
Zeinab Elkhansa ’24 – Senator
Jaelyn Evans ’22 – Senator
Wade Hall ’21 – Senator
Olivia Layton ’22 – Senator
Jdody Misidor ’21 – Senator
Andre Weatherspoon ’24 – Senator

Community Fellows 2020-2021

Avery Payne ’21 – President
Daisy Ayala-Gomez ’22 – Community Partner Chair
Hanan Davis ’23 – Community Partner Chair
Dagim Desta ’23 – Community Partner Chair
Joanne Torres ’24 – Community Partner Chair
Robert Bailey ’24 – Social Justice Chair
Emily Barcenas Perez ’22 – Social Justice Chair
Joshua Bowes ’23 – Social Justice Chair
Analise Presley ’22 – Social Justice Chair
Avery Dinger ’22 (Fall participant)

Davenport Leadership 2020-2021

Daniel Allee ’23
Hayley Ashford ’21
Daisy Ayala-Gomez ’22
Sha-Ron Bass ’22
Joshua Bowes ’23
Dagim Desta ’23
Avery Dinger ’22
Caroline Doyle ’22
Kyle Grundy ’22
Artia Johnson ’23
Jdody Misidor ’21
Emily Barcenas Perez ’22
Alyssa Swords ’22
Kathryn Waller ’23
Johnny Watters ’22

Randolph Programming Board 2020-2021

Sarah Perry ’21, President
Sha-Ron Bass ’22, VP of Membership Development
Kyle Grundy ’22, VP of Logistics
Johnny Watters ’22, VP of Social Media
Daisy Ayala-Gomez ’22, VP of Print Media
Yanessa Cabrera ’22, Event Coordinator
Cristina Llongueras ’23, Event Coordinator
Natalia Hernandez ’23, Event Coordinator

Residence Life Staff 2020-2021

Head Residents:
Sha-Ron Bass ’22
Josh Bulavko ’22
Lindsey Taylor ’21
Johnny Watters ’22

Resident Assistants:

Fall 2020 Virtual Programming Staff
Dan Allee ’23
Hayley Ashford ’21
Josh Bulavko ’22
Conner Dobbins ’22
Briana Harbison ’21
Riley Lorson ’21
Jdody Misidor ’21
James Neri ’21
Ranita Opoku-Sarfo ’21
Renee Sarpong ’21
Kelau Smith ’21
Lindsey Taylor ’21
Mia Wright ’23

Spring 2021 Staff
Parker Aaron ’23
Daniel Allee ’23
Pax Allen ’22
Wesley Boor ’23
Jenna Fink ’23
Kelli Gajewski ’23
Maddie Gaus ’22
Briella Johnson ’23
Kyle May ’22
Kayla Morris ’22
Kennedy Moulton ’21
Emily Barcenas Perez ’22
Terrell Rorie ’22
Maria Tumminello ’23

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Lindsey Leeann Davis ’21
Amber Nicole Grace Garrett ’21
Anne Revis Grosvenor ’38
Rebecca Cierra Jones ’21
Evan M. Pausic ’21
Agnes Reyes Merced ’21
Latesha Thornhill ’21
Evelyn Victoria Tomaszewski ’21

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious of academic honor societies. In 1916, our Delta of Virginia chapter was granted the fourth charter in the state. Each year select members of the senior class are invited to join the society in recognition of their academic achievements and balanced program of study in the liberal arts.

Omicron Delta Kappa Inductees

A’Nyeja Adams ’22
Adriana Luedke ’22
Agnes Reyes Merced ’21
Alexander Kulvivat ’22
Amber Garrett ’21
Analise Presley ’22
Anna Reynolds ’23
Ariadne Pojedinec ’22
Benjamin Gries ’22
Chanler Mitchell-Stadler ’21
Daisy Ayala-Gomez ’22
Devin Bagby ’21
Elizabeth Ellen ’21
Evan Pausic ’21
Evelyn Tomaszewski ’21
Hailey Thomas
Hannah Edwards
Jaelyn Evans ’22
Joshua Bulavko ’22
Kaitlin Weigle ’21
Kyle May ’22
Latesha Thornhill ’21
Lindsey Davis ’21
Margaret Ritchie ’22
Marian Small ’23
Paige Edwards ’21
Paige Naples ’22
Patrick Peach ’23
Samantha Paulette ’22
Sidney Clark ’22
Sierra Johnston ’22
Theresa Alrimawi ’21
Victoria Goodman ’21
Wade Hall ’21

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) is the most prestigious National Leadership Honor Society. ODK was founded in 1914, with the Randolph Circle being established in 2006. Each year select members of the rising junior and senior class are invited to join the society in recognition of their leadership achievements on campus in the areas of scholarship, athletics, service, communications, and arts.

Emerging Leaders Institute

Rishab Agarwal ’24
Theresa Alrimawi ’21
Joshua Bowes ’23
Katlyn Collins ’22
Sidney Clark ’22
Hanan Davis ’23
Dagim Desta ’23
Mikayla Jenkins ’23
Jessica Monasir ’24
Talia Santiago ’23
Jireh Williams ’24

Our Emerging Leaders Institute is a semester-long introduction to leadership that explores various aspects of leadership and helps students understand what it means to be a leader at Randolph College and beyond. Participants learn more about themselves, enhance their skills, and develop a plan to exercise leadership on campus and in the community. Recipients of this award have completed at least 9 Emerging Leaders workshops during the Fall 2020 semester.

Advanced Leaders Institute

Rishab Agarwal ’24
Theresa Alrimawi ’21
Emily Barcenas Perez ’22
Katlyn Collins ’22
Sidney Clark ’22
Dagim Desta ’23
Amber Garrett ’21
Sarah Greene ’24
Julie Laubach ’22
Keyu Liao ’23
Ariadne Pojedinec ’22
Joanne Torres ’24

Our Advanced Leaders Institute is a semester-long program that raises leaders to the next level. Participates in the Advanced Leaders Institute build on their current leadership, personal, and professional skills with more in-depth topics and participation. Students leave the program with a better understanding of their leadership abilities and how to utilize those skills in real world settings.

Excellence in Leadership Award

Theresa Alrimawi ’21
Katlyn Collins ’22
Sidney Clark ’22
Dagim Desta ’23

These students are recognized for their dedication and participation in both the Emerging & Advanced Leaders Institute. The Excellence in Leadership award was created to recognize emerging leaders at Randolph that have been dedicated to developing and enhancing their leadership skills and knowledge. These students have shown that they have a deep desire to propel their personal and professional careers forward.

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