Quianday Worthington ’25 studying behavioral ecology as part of NSF-funded research experience

Quianday Worthington smiles while working at a computer

Worthington is conducting research at the University of Virginia’s Mountain Lake Biological Station this summer. ... READ MORE >>

Randolph professor, students continue tick research this summer

Professor Erin Heller knees, looking for ticks on the cloth Ethan Caldwell is dragging across the ground to collect ticks. They are standing on a trail, surrounded by trees.

“Ecological research tends to be long-term, so you can see trends.” ... READ MORE >>

Meet the graduates: Sam Hey ’24

Hey began working as an EMT for Campbell County Public Services last week. ... READ MORE >>

Erin Heller presents at Waterbird Society Annual Meeting

Erin Heller, assistant professor of biology, presented the paper “Abundance and Origin of Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis) on Virginia’s Peat Banks with Implications for the Conservation of the Red Knot (Calidris canutus rufa) and Other Shorebirds” at the Waterbird Society Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale. The Waterbird Society is an international scientific, not-for-profit organization whose... READ MORE >>

Alumnae return for Women in Science panel

Ashleigh E. Baber ’05, Bria Carlisle-Thaniel ’16, Courtney Carter Plaster ’92, and Kristina Whately ’14 spoke about their careers. ... READ MORE >>

Randolph celebrates 2023 mid-year graduates

Twenty-two students will receive their diplomas this winter— 17 undergraduates and five who have completed the Master of Arts in Coaching and Sport Leadership (MACSL).... READ MORE >>

Izaiah Burgos ’24 spends summer working for sanctuary in South Africa

Burgos spent five weeks at ZA Cheetah Conservation Cheetah Experience in South Africa.... READ MORE >>

Randolph students continuing virology research this summer

“They’ve been extremely productive, and they’ve already gotten a lot of really useful data,” Houlihan said. “It’s nice because it’s their project. They’re the ones perfecting all the protocols.”... READ MORE >>

Ticked off: Summer research project studying the distribution of ticks across urban landscapes

The team is working at five field sites spread across the city, including one on campus. Most are public parks and trails that are widely used by the general public.... READ MORE >>

Students inducted into national, international honor societies

On Tuesday, Randolph students from a variety of academic departments were officially inducted into international, national, and College honor societies.... READ MORE >>