environmental studies

Into the woods: Students assess old-growth forests and carbon storage for summer research project

Their work is supported by funding from the 500-Year Forest Foundation and a grant from the Oak Hill Fund.... READ MORE >>

Students looking for a faster way to study benthic microalgal communities

Sarah Sojka and her students are studying benthic microalgae, an important part of the seagrass community, to see how they’ve been impacted by a seagrass restoration project on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. ... READ MORE >>

Karin Warren elected president of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

Karin Warren landscape

The AESS seeks to strengthen teaching, research, and service in environmental studies and sciences, and to improve communication across boundaries that too often divide the traditional academic disciplines... READ MORE >>

Environmental studies class takes a unique look at solutions for reducing plastic waste

Each student in Karin Warren’s Sustainability Principles and Practices course created a large-scale mosaic using plastic waste that was symbolic of a species or habitat either affected by plastic pollution or something that offers a solution to the problem.... READ MORE >>

Randolph hosting Teach-In on Climate and Justice event

Randolph, along with Sweet Briar College, the University of Lynchburg, and the Lynchburg Regional Community Climate Resilience Coalition, is hosting the event on Wednesday, March 30 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.... READ MORE >>

Sojka publishes book chapter

Sarah Sojka

Physics and environmental studies professor Sarah Sojka recently published a book chapter in “Resilient Water Management Strategies in Urban Settings: Innovations in Decentralized Water Infrastructure Systems.”... READ MORE >>

Randolph students use heat mapping data to address climate risks

Earlier this year, Virginia Heat Watch brought together 12 schools from the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges to map and analyze where residents are most at-risk during heat waves.... READ MORE >>

A conservationist at heart: Michael Ramsey ’16 brings passion for sustainable leadership to new role

Michael Ramsey '16

Michael Ramsey is the town manager in Proctor, Vermont, where he is responsible for leading a series of infrastructure projects for the town.... READ MORE >>

Heat of the moment: Randolph participates in statewide project looking at climate vulnerability

Heat watch

Randolph was one of 12 institutions from the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges (VFIC) that recently participated in the Virginia Heat Watch project, a collaborative effort to map and analyze where residents are most at-risk during heat waves.... READ MORE >>

Sojka joining international panelists for forum on rainwater harvesting, stormwater management

Sarah Sojka

Sojka’s presentation will introduce a research project examining how the financial viability of rainwater harvesting systems varies with system features, such as tank size, roof area, and daily water demand.... READ MORE >>