Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Randolph College requires all full-time* students to carry a health insurance plan. Students have the option of maintaining primary coverage under their family plan or private insurer, or they must enroll in the College-sponsored plan. 

Information on enrolling in or waiving out of the College-sponsored plan will be sent to the students’ home addresses in June for fall semester enrollees and in December for spring semester enrollees. You will be notified via email when you may enroll/waive online at

If you already have health insurance, you are urged to review your existing policy to determine whether the coverage will be available in the Lynchburg area. Some HMO, PPO, and Medicaid arrangements have serious restrictions on where treatment must be obtained.

Students covered under another health insurance plan must actively waive the Randolph College Student Health Insurance Plan.  If you do not waive the Randolph College Student Health Insurance Plan, the fee will remain as a charge on your account.  If the Randolph College Student Health Insurance Plan is waived, the charge will be removed.

Evidence of alternative health insurance coverage must be received by August 15 (or January 15 if entering in the spring) by using the online waiver system (found at When the waiver has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation.  Print this confirmation and keep a copy for your records.  After successfully waiving the Randolph College Student Health Insurance Plan, the fee will be removed from the student account within 7-10 days.

For further information please contact our insurance administrator:  RCM&D, Paige Fritze at 1-800-346-4075 ext. 1607 or email:

Information and Forms can be found online at

Accident Insurance

All full-time Randolph College students are also covered by an Individual Student Accident Policy.  This policy assures that if a student is injured during the academic year, there is up to a $5,000 accidental medical benefit in place.  The mandatory plan is a nominal charge placed on the student account each semester.  Since unforeseen illnesses and accidents do happen, Randolph College is working to facilitate your student’s academic success by not having to worry about unforeseen medical bills due to lack of coverage.

College Services

All full-time Randolph College students have access to Health Center services, as well as assistance regarding insurance questions and concerns.

Students do not have to provide proof of insurance to receive Health Center services.  Students only need to have their Medical Record Form on file.

* Full Time Students
Randolph College requires all full-time undergraduate students with a minimum of 12 credit hours and graduate students with a minimum of 9 credit hours to have adequate health insurance.  Please note – specific details as to the definition of full-time student and eligible dependents, fees, and waiver requirements can also be found at this site.