Students are seen and treated in the Student Health Center at no cost. However, when you come to the Health Center for treatment, your care may require tests, medications, or examinations that have a fee.

The Health Center does not bill insurance. However, whenever possible, we will supply your insurance information on laboratory slips and/or give you a receipt with the charged service and cost.

You are expected to pay the Student Health Center at the time of services, or as agreed upon with the Director.

Examples of Billable Charges:

    • Blood glucose
    • Hemoglobin
    • Influenza test
    • Medications
    • Mono blood test
    • Pregnancy test
    • Rapid Strep test
    • STD Testing (covered by insurances under the Affordable Care Act)
    • Study-abroad and sports physicals
    • Urinalysis
    • Miscellaneous items, such as an ACE wrap

Laboratory tests sent to Centra Lab can be billed to insurance (with a copy of your current insurance card sent to Centra Lab), or you can pay the Health Center directly as an Account Bill.