The Characters in Elektra

(in order of appearance)

The Tutor: the old family retainer who took young Orestes away for his safety after the murder of Agamemnon
Orestes: youngest child of Klytemnestra and Agamemnon, raised away from home
Pylades: son of Strophios and best friend of Orestes
Elektra:  unhappy daughter of Klytemnestra and Agamemnon, who is impatient for her brother Orestes to come home and exact revenge
Chorus of Argive Women: local ladies who take Elektra’s troubles to heart and try to make her feel better
Chrysothemis: not-as-unhappy sister of Orestes and Elektra
Klytemnestra: queen of Argos, widow and murderer of Agamemnon, wife of Aegisthus, and quite a mother to have
Aegisthus: cousin and co-murderer of Agamemnon and new husband of Klytemnestra