Plot of Antigone

Scene One: Antigone tries to convince her sister Ismene to join her in burying their brother Polynices. Ismene refuses, because their uncle Creon has decreed that anyone who does will pay the penalty of death.

First Ode: The Chorus of Old Men celebrate Thebes’ victory over Polynices’ army.

Scene Two: Creon officially announces to the citizens the prohibition against the burial. A Soldier comes to report that the body’s been buried.

Second Ode: The Chorus reflect on the wonder of humanity.

Scene Three: The Soldier brings Antigone, who buried the body, to Creon, who condemns her to death. Creon and Antigone debate the merits of their positions. Ismene joins them and tries to take Antigone’s side, but Antigone refuses to share her fate or her glory.

Third Ode: The Chorus regret the cursed history of the house of Oedipus. Creon listens.

Scene Four: Creon’s son Haimon tries to change his father’s mind.

Scene Five: The First Old Man commiserates with Antigone, and then Antigone and Creon have their final exchange before she goes to her death.

Fourth Ode: The Chorus sing a song to console Antigone.

Scene Six: The blind seer Teiresias comes to tell Creon that he’s wrong and what will happen if he doesn’t change his decision.

Fifth Ode: The Chorus pray to Dionysus, the patron of Thebes, for blessing.

Scene Seven: A Messenger comes to report to Eurydice (Creon’s wife) that Antigone and Haimon are dead. Creon returns with the bodies of Antigone and Haimon, and learns that Eurydice is dead, too.