Directions to the Play

78 N. Princeton Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24503  is a good address to use to get you to the lower entrance to Bell Lot parking.

Driving Directions to the College

Click the “Directions” link on the map below to get directions and trip time from Google.

Campus Directions

The Dell is on the rear of the campus off of North Princeton Circle. In front of the Dell there is a large parking lot in the middle of which is a set of starts ascending a small hill. On the other side of this small berm is the Dell, and the stairs down to it.


Parking is available in the large parking lot (Bell Lot) or in any other Randolph College parking lot. Handicapped attendees should make an effort to arrive early so that their friends or family members can drive them to the bottom of the Dell and return the vehicle to the top of the hill. (There’s only room for one-at-a-time drop-off at the bottom.)