Characters in The Libation Bearers

(in order of appearance)

Orestes: son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, he’s been living away from Argos since he was a young boy
Pylades: Orestes’ best friend and constant companion
Electra: Orestes’ older sister, who has been living unhappily in her mother’s house since Agamemnon died
The Libation Bearers: a chorus of women who have been enslaved in war, and who with Electra bring liquid offerings (libations) to Agamemnon’s grave
A Servant: who keeps the door of the palace
Clytemnestra: queen of Argos, who killed her husband Agamemnon, in part to avenge the killing of their daughter Iphigeneia
Kilissa: old nurse of Orestes
Aegisthus: lover of Clytemnestra, who has ruled with her in Argos since the death of his cousin Agamemnon