Characters in THE FROGS

(in order of appearance)

Dionysus: the god of wine and drama
Xanthias: his long-suffering slave
Heracles: the divine strong man, half-brother of Dionysus
A Corpse: at his funeral
Charon: the boatman to the Underworld
Chorus of Frogs: competitive singers who live in the lake
A Priest: who leads the Initiates
Chorus of Initiates: initiates of the Mysteries (followers of secret cults of Iacchus and Demeter)
Doorman: serving at the house of Pluto
Landlady: aggrieved Underworld innkeeper
Plathane: another aggrieved Underworld innkeeper
Euripides: the great, recently-deceased tragedian
Aeschylus: the great, long-dead tragedian
Pluto: the god of the Underworld
…and more: attendants and guards and so on…