Characters in the Clouds

(in order of appearance)

Strepsiades: cranky, put-upon father who knows that the way to win in Athens is in court. Not the quickest-thinking citizen in town. 
Pheidippides: Strepsiades’ drinking and gambling son. Can’t be bothered to clean up or pay for his own messes. 
Students of the Pondertorium: pupils at Aristophanes’ sendup of Athenian education.
Socrates: the famous philosopher, Aristophanes style. 
Chorus of Clouds: our goddesses for the duration.
Superior and Inferior Argument: embodiments of rhetoric, good and bad. 
Pasias, Amynias: Strepsiades owes them money because of Pheidippides’ gambling.
Houseboy, Xanthias, Witness: the little people who make the world work.