Characters in Hecuba

(in order of appearance)

Ghost of Polydorus: the youngest son of Hecuba and Priam, he was sent for safekeeping to Polymestor during the Trojan war
Hecuba: the former queen of Troy, and the mother of nineteen children, including the hero Hector and the prophetess Cassandra
Chorus of Trojan Women: women of Troy, both noble and lowly, who are now slaves to the Greeks as a result of the war
Polyxena:  the youngest daughter of Hecuba and Priam
Odysseus: the great general of the Greeks: the quick-witted, slick-tongued inventor of the Trojan horse
Talthybius: respected soldier and herald of the Greeks
Therapaina: a trusted maid to Hecuba
Agamemnon: the chief general of the Greeks, and new master of Hecuba’s daughter Cassandra
Polymestor: the Thracian man who was supposed to keep Polydorus safe until the Trojan War was over
Phineas & Olynthus: Polymestor’s young sons
…and more… Trojan maids, Greek soldiers, Thracians guards