Cast and Crew of THE FROGS

so far! We’re seeking more crew members and we hold our new student auditions on August 28 at 2:30pm. Details at the Melpomene site.

The Cast:

Jordan Pruitt, ’19 Dionysus
Quan (Sam) Sun, ’17 Xanthias, Aeschylus
Daisy Howard, ’17 Heracles, Charon, Servant, Plathane, Pluto
Michael Pulliam, ’18 Corpse, Doorkeeper, Landlady, Euripides
Eric Huber, ’18 Chorus Leader (Frog King and Priest)
Chorus of Frogs/Chorus of Initiates
Eric Huber, ’18 Chorus Leader (Frog King and Priest)
Yueyin (Carlie) Xiong, ’10
Spencer Cohen
Helen Cohen
…and more…
Gabriel Kuhl, ’17
Kaitlyn Evans, ’17
Matthew Gibson, ’17
Katrin Schenk
Finn Healy
Ethan Snyder


Amy R. Cohen Director
Kirk Mortensen Assistant Director
Randall Speer Music Director
Chelsea Fox, ’15 Assistant Music Director
Katie Horne, ’19 Choreographer
Mekenzie Schmitt, ’19 Choreographer
Blayne Stinee, ’19 Choreographer
Meg May Costume Designer
Christian Hershey Set Designer
Lucille Kindstrand, ’17 Stage Manager
Jasmine Petrovics, ’17 Assistant Stage Manager
Meg Mason Costumer
Daisy Howard, ’17 Assistant Costumer
Christian Hershey Technical Director
Amy R. Cohen Chief Maskmaker
Daisy Howard, ’17 Senior Maskmaker
Sophia Dill, ’18 Maskmaker
Sarah Williams, ’17 Maskmaker
Olivia Wray, ’16 Maskmaker