Cast and Crew of The Libation Bearers

Jennifer Haas playing Orestes
Shelby Lee playing Electra and Clytemnestra
Mary Ruth Reed playing Pylades and Aegisthus
Kimberley C. J. Thompson playing Servant and Nurse

The Chorus:

Emily Griffiths Carrie Clark
Jenna Nacht Becky McMath
Becca Popick (leader) Erin Prokopchak
Elizabeth Rees Jessica Peak
Eilene Quasebarth Allison E. Sterrett (leader)

The Symphonia:

Jessica Maidment oboe
Clara Sherley-Appel cello
Julia Morris flute
Naomi Hollifield violin
Sallie Haltiwanger drums


Director Amy R. Cohen
Music by Naomi Amos
Lyrics adapted by Kate Cohen
Choreography Lauren Hanson
Producer Michelle Earles
Assistant Producers Chris McLaughlin
Elizabeth Cole
Stage Manager Addela Johnson
Assistant Stage Managers Susan Cole
Beth Schwentker
Master Costumer Sara Marie Massee
Costume Crew (to date) Claire Heckel
Allison Sterrett
Elizabeth James
Set Designer Liz Baker
Prop Masters Beth Zielinski
Anne Poggio
Graphic Designer Mary-Ruth Reed
Dance Mistress Elizabeth Rees
Alumnae Liaison Becca Popick
Chief Groupie Chris McLaughlin
Wig Master Ryan M. Gipson
Wig Crew (to date) Alana Anthony
Claire Heckel
Maskers Kate Keith-Fitgerald
Elizabeth James
Mask Crew (to date) Alana Anthony
Claire Heckel
Master Carpenter Andee Bowden
Web Masters Evelyn Clarkson
Clara Sherley-Appel