Cast and Crew of The Bacchae

The Cast:
Cadmus, Guard, Herdsman Ashleigh Baber
Pentheus, Agave Emily Griffiths
Dionysus, Teiresias, Messenger Irene Johnson
Chorus of Bacchants Katherine Balcerek
Margaret Bushman
Kristin Chatfield
Carrie Clark
Whitney Dixon
Vanessa Kachipande
Emily List
Kim McDonald
Adrianna Ouellette
Marrissa Rodriguez
Emily Schuetz
Michelle Tilghman
Attendants Kelley Swain

The Symphonia:

Cello Stephenie Stovall
Brittany Taylor
Flute Amanda Ely
Holley Williamson
Clarinet Carolyn Smith
Violin Marilyn Marks


To join the crew, get in touch with Stage Manager Anne Poggio.
Director Amy R. Cohen
Music by Naomi Amos
Lyrics adapted by Kate Cohen
Choreography Elizabeth Rees
Producer Ame Gabriel
Assistant Producers Sarah Cotner
Jeanette Bloss
Programs Crew Chief Amy R. Cohen
Dell Crew Chief Sam McEnhimer
Schools Liaison Ame Gabriel
Alumnae Liaison Jes Michaels
Stage Manager Anne Poggio
Assistant Stage Managers Jennifer Driesslein, Open
Run Crew Chief Open
Costumer Ariel Hobson
Set Designers Ken Parks
Verity Gerni
Prop Master Ashley Riggs
Dance Mistress Adrianna Ouellette
Chief Groupie Stitch Pung
Assistant to Music Director Stephenie Stovall
Wig Master Kim McDonald
Masker Alana Anthony
Master Carpenter Verity Gerni
Photographer Ashley Fligor
Graphic Designer Chris Cohen