Cast and Crew of Iphigenia at Aulis

Allison E. Sterrett playing Old Man, Iphigeneia, and First Messenger
Elisabeth Malik playing Agamemnon, Achilles, and Second Messenger
Jennifer Busbee Lee playing Clytemnestra and Menelaus

and in our Chorus of Tourist Women:

Susan Cole Rebecca Popick
Lauren Hanson Brandy M. Shaw
Addela Johnson Danielle Taylor
Lan Kratzke Jessica E. Thomas
Shelby M. Lee Rana R. Wakim

and our Attendants and Soldiers:

Ryan McKenzie Gipson Kate Keith-Fitzgerald


Amy R. Cohen, Director
Naomi Amos, Composer

Kristen Ollack, Choreographer
Surayyah Colbert, Choreographer
Allison Sterrett, Choreographer
Kelly Robertson, Dance Mistress

Evelyn Webb, Producer
Susan Cole, Assistant Producer

Megan Lorraine Hodge, Stage Manager
Elizabeth Cole, Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah Kate Sanders, Costumer
Kearston Dillard, Set Designer
Chris Cohen, Carpenter Extraordinair
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald, Mask Maven
Ryan McKenzie Gipson, Wig Goddess
Beth Zielinski, Props Angel
Chris McLaughlin and Beth Schwentker, Groupies

The Greek Play Symphonia:
Chris Cohen and Joy Rogers, Guitar
Jennifer Holterhoff, Cello
Hilary Brown, Clarinet
Andee Bowden, Flute
Gina Adler, Drums
Nila Rahman, Harmonium