summer research 2023

Students present about 2023 Summer Research projects

Students shared the results of their lab work, cultural and psychological studies, and environmental research. ... READ MORE >>

Randolph professor, student develop art reinstallation proposal for the Maier

“This project does a lot of things, but it reinvigorates the idea of the museum. I want more of the collection to be seen, and I also want it to be more representative of artists who the students could relate to.”... READ MORE >>

Summer research project examining movement dynamics

Research has shown that the observation of an action often involves the internal simulation of that same action in the observer. In other words, you can imagine yourself doing it.... READ MORE >>

Randolph students continuing virology research this summer

“They’ve been extremely productive, and they’ve already gotten a lot of really useful data,” Houlihan said. “It’s nice because it’s their project. They’re the ones perfecting all the protocols.”... READ MORE >>

Students studying drone-based delivery systems for summer research project

They will use simulation models to see what would happen if a drone delivery system existed in Lynchburg.... READ MORE >>

Randolph student exploring interfaith dialogue through summer research

The work is personal for Zach Bishop ’24.... READ MORE >>

Summer research analyzing the antioxidant potential of wine

The wines come from all over the world. They’ve started with varieties from Australia and California, with plans to add wines from Israel, Chile, and France as the summer progresses.... READ MORE >>

Ticked off: Summer research project studying the distribution of ticks across urban landscapes

The team is working at five field sites spread across the city, including one on campus. Most are public parks and trails that are widely used by the general public.... READ MORE >>

‘Funnyland’: Randolph student, professor collaborating on song cycle

Randolph professor Emily Yap Chua and Aaron Scott ’24 are exploring the artistic process—in more ways than one—this summer. ... READ MORE >>

A Shakespearean lens: Summer research using trio of plays to analyze Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Hannah Lambach ’24 and professor Mara Amster are working on the project together.... READ MORE >>