Ainsworth Visiting Professor

Spring 2023 American Culture Program to explore labor, leisure, and music in the United States

The program, which will be held during Session 4, is open to full-time sophomore, junior, and senior Randolph students. The deadline to apply is Monday, Nov. 7.... READ MORE >>

Q&A with new faculty: Connor Kenaston

Connor Kenaston has always loved history, but he didn’t consider becoming a professional historian until college. “I remember the thrill of doing archival research for the first time and using what I found to craft an evidence-based argument about what happened, why, and why it matters,” said Kenaston, Randolph’s new Ainsworth Visiting Professor of American... READ MORE >>

American Culture Program traces the history and politics of eugenics—and activism against it

Justina Licata

Every two years, Randolph brings in a visiting professor to lead the American Culture Program, diving deep into a singular topic with students.... READ MORE >>

Q&A with new faculty: Justina Licata

Justina Licata

Lincata is Randolph’s Ainsworth Visiting Professor of American Culture, a two-year position. ... READ MORE >>