Road Map for Credit-Bearing Internships

Once you have received an offer from an employer and determined that you qualify to get academic credit for your internship, follow the steps listed below. 

Obtain a Faculty Sponsor

You are responsible for asking a professor in your department (can be your academic advisor) to be your faculty sponsor. Please provide your faculty sponsor with full details of your internship at the time of your request and provide them with at least 2 weeks notice that you will need them to sign your contract (do not assume that they are available to do so!)

Complete Internship Contract

It is your responsibility to fill in the Internship Contract completely before seeking the required signatures. A complete contract includes a typed description of the specific duties and responsibilities of the internship, and your learning goals. Learning goals may relate to things you want to learn: about yourself as an emerging professional, about the career field, about theory in practice, etc. Be specific! Turn in the completed and signed Internship Contract to the Internship Coordinator to begin the approval process. ** Approval is not guaranteed and insufficiently completed Contracts will be returned.**

(If you are a Non U.S. Citizen: In addition to your contract, you need to attach a CPT request form and a formal offer letter from your internship on-site supervisor / employer.)

Attend Internship Orientation

Internship orientations are held several times throughout the year. You must attend an internship orientation prior to beginning your credit–bearing internship. Exception may be made for students who have attended previously.

Throughout and at the end of your credit-bearing internship, you are expected to document and reflect on aspects of your experience in alignment with your learning goals, the following ways:

Log of Activities
Record the dates, number of hours worked, and the activities performed on your Log of Activities. It is a useful tool for tracking that you have the correct number of hours. Submit to your faculty sponsor at the end of the internship.

Reflective Essay
Reflect back on the experiences you had in your internship as they relate to your learning goals expressed in the internship contract. Essays should be two pages long and are submitted to faculty sponsor and internship coordinator at the end of the internship and form part of the basis for grading.

Additional Project Requirements
Complete any other project requirements identified in the internship contract and turn in to the faculty sponsor by the end of the internship. These projects form part of the basis for grading.

Complete the Intern’s Evaluation
Submit the online intern’s evaluation to the internship coordinator at the end of the internship. Note: all forms referenced above can be found online at

Encourage Supervisor’s Evaluation
Seek out feedback from your on-site supervisor at the end of the internship, and remind your supervisor to send the supervisor evaluation form to your faculty sponsor. Provide forms and contact information as needed. Note: Supervisor’s Evaluation can be found online at: