Writing Lab

Improving one’s writing involves learning effective ways to organize and convey ideas. That process takes work—and help –- and that’s what the Writing Lab is all about. Our peer Writing Lab tutors are ready to work with students in a one-on-one setting.

Our Writing Lab tutors are currently enrolled Randolph College students who have been placed on Randolph College’s exclusive “Excellent Writers List”. They have a proven record of exceptional writing and interpersonal skills.

Face to Face Writing Lab Appointments

Whatever the skill level or immediate need—selecting a paper topic, polishing a first draft, practicing an oral presentation, or organizing thoughts for an essay test — Writing Lab tutors can help students produce better writing. (If facing that blank white page or computer screen is sending shivers down your spine, we can help with that, too!)

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Online Writing Lab Appointments

Randolph’s Online Writing Lab is a convenient extension of our ASC Writing Lab. We offer online help with any stage of your writing – from organization to revision to anything in between!

To sign up for an Online Writing Lab appointment…

  1. Go to the portal > My Links > T > Tutoring Assistance
  2. Select an appointment in the Online Writing Lab tab
  3. Upload a copy of your paper and the Student Submission Form in the appointment window.
  4. Your tutor will review your writing during the scheduled appointment time and will re-submit it with comments and suggestions.

NOTE: Our Online Writing Tutors will not edit or proofread your papers—the role of our OWL tutors is to identify the strengths and areas of concern in your writing and offer strategies for moving forward. The ultimate goal: to help you help yourself through the writing process and to develop new levels of autonomy in your academic writing.


For more information, contact Grant Kittrell, director of The Academic Services Center and The Writing Program.