Academic Strategies Program

The Academic Services Program (ASP) pairs students with a peer tutor who can help them strengthen academic strategies such as note-taking, study skills, organizational skills, time management, and goal setting.

Who are our Academic Strategies Tutors?

ASP tutors are currently-enrolled Randolph College students who have a proven record of exceptional academic strategies and interpersonal skills. They receive accredited training through the College Reading and Learning Association. Our ASP tutors are also actively involved in campus life and can help students balance their academics with extracurricular commitments.

How does the Academic Strategies Program support students?

Students seeking to strengthen their approach to college life and academics are paired with an ASP tutor. During these tutoring sessions, students and tutors work together on establishing positive academic habits. Effective studying skills, note-taking, classroom participation, and organization are among the popular areas of focus. Students who have been placed on academic probation may also be required to utilize the Academic Strategies Program for weekly tutoring sessions.

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For more information, contact Grant Kittrell, director of The Academic Services Center and The Writing Program.