This message was sent on Sept. 10. 

Dear Randolph community,

In a message earlier this week, I was pleased to announce the launch of our new Title IX website, which has been enhanced to make it easier to use and navigate, as well as to share additional content.

Today, I am writing to provide another update, the formation of the new Task Force on Campus Culture to “examine our current programming and to recommend additional work we can do to improve campus culture on consent and respect.” The task force’s charge is to recommend to me training and practices that can improve our campus culture.

In my original announcement, I said that the group would reside within the Office of the Dean of Students, but I now think that it would better function as a free-standing entity that reports directly to me. I am very happy to report that Professor Mara Amster has agreed to chair the task force. Mara currently serves as the head of the Arts and Letters Division and has a long record of commitment to gender equity.

The remainder of the task force includes:


Sha-Ron Bass ’22
Josh Bowes ’23
Katlyn Collins ’22
Grace Hart ’23


Kerri Bond ’06
Marva Dunn ’89
Cait Glennen ’14
Millie Symns ’13


Danielle Currier
Aaron Shreve


Tanya Wiegold
Kevin Porterfield


Katherine Doyle

In addition, I will ask the Chief Diversity Officer to join the task force when that position has been filled.

Separate from the task force’s work, I have engaged the law firm of Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP to conduct a review of our practices as they relate to the handling of reports of sexual misconduct and, specifically, our compliance with the legal obligations of Title IX, including a retrospective review of the College’s Title IX practices to identify any long-standing issues of non-compliance.

Amy Foerster, co-chair of the firm’s higher education practice group, will lead the review, reporting to the Board and me. Ms. Foerster has a long history working with institutions seeking to evaluate and strengthen their approach to reports of sexual misconduct.

Again, I want to thank those who will be serving on the task force for their dedication to this important effort and all of you for your ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of our community.

Bradley W. Bateman