The Task Force on Campus Culture was formed by President Bateman to examine the College’s current programming and to recommend additional work we can do to improve campus culture on consent and respect.

The Task Force’s charge is to recommend training and practices that can improve our campus culture.

Comprised of representatives from the student body, alumnae and alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and athletics, the Task Force reports directly to President Bateman.


  • Mara Amster

Student Representatives:

  • Sha-Ron Bass ’22
  • Josh Bowes ’23
  • Katlyn Collins ’22
  • Grace Hart ’23

Alumnae and Alumni Representatives:

  • Kerri Bond ’06
  • Marva Dunn ’89
  • Cait Glennen ’14
  • Millie Symns ’13

Faculty Representatives:

  • Danielle Currier
  • Aaron Shreve

Staff Representatives:

  • Chief Diversity Officer (TBD)
  • Tanya Wiegold
  • Kevin Porterfield

Parent Representatives:

  • Katherine Doyle


Updates on the Committee’s activities, recommendations and corresponding actions by the College on implementation will be included in the Updates section of this website.