In September of this year, a task force on campus culture was convened to review current campus programming regarding consent and respect among members of the Randolph College community. Comprised of current and former students, faculty, parents, and relevant staff, the task force has been directed by President Brad Bateman to recommend practical measures that can be taken by the College to promote respect and improve campus culture.

The task force has already met several times and will continue to meet regularly over the next several months with the aim of delivering a formal report to President Bateman by late spring. To achieve this, the task force has divided into several subgroups with specific goals, such as comparing Randolph’s Cleary statistical data on student safety with similar data from our peer and aspirant institutions, speaking with student and alumnae and alumni groups about sexual harassment and assault awareness and prevention, and examining policies and procedures in place at other colleges to ensure a healthy campus culture.

At the end of this process, the task force will compile recommendations that take into account best practices for student life and campus culture while reflecting the community values of the college’s Honor Code and the uniqueness of the Randolph College learning experience. It is the College’s goal to take firm, decisive, and evidence-based measures to reduce incidents of assault and harassment, while continuing to provide a broad range of support services for our students, faculty, and staff, and cultivating a culture of respect for the Randolph College community.

Additional updates on the work of the task force will be posted on the website in the coming weeks and months.