Analise Presley ’22

Associate scientist, PPD



Time in the lab at Randolph has given Analise Presley ’22 a leg up when she’s working in the field.

“The lab classes really helped me,” says the biology and chemistry double major, who worked at a molecular and genetics lab in Arkansas the summer before graduation. “Being able to go into a workplace and show that I’ve already got the desired skills has set me apart from my colleagues and accelerated learning new procedures.”

Presley now works as an associate scientist for PPD, a Richmond-based clinical research and development company, in the bioanalytics lab, working with biomarkers.

She always knew she’d major in chemistry—and added biology after enjoying both the courses and professors in the department.

The community here has also made her time behind the Red Brick Wall special.

“I’ve developed great relationships with a lot of the faculty and staff and made some really great friends here,” she says. “I don’t think I would have the same experience at a bigger school, and it definitely made the transition from high school to college, as well as being out of state, a lot easier. I’m also a lot more comfortable going to my professors if I need help, and I’ve always felt like they understand that I’m a student but also a person that needs a break sometimes. I’ve learned to communicate a lot better and how to set myself apart from my peers in a positive way.”