Christopher Perez-Merino ’22


Christopher Perez-Merino ’22 chose Randolph College because of its many theatre opportunities.

“It was evident that anything I wanted to pursue could be done. I didn’t need to follow a strict curriculum,” he said. “What makes Randolph special is anyone can create a circle with any professors or students to produce projects and events out of thin air, as long as you’re devoted to it. It’s what has allowed me to branch outside of the classroom when lectures are done for the day.”

After graduating, Perez-Merino worked as a general technician and carpenter at Crane River Theater Company in Kearney, Nebraska, where he assisted in the construction of the company’s four-show summer season while working alongside properties and lighting.

He’s now working as a full-time stagecraft instructor and technician at Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida. In addition to teaching students the foundations and skills of technical theatre, he also works as a stagecraft technician and designer for school productions and serves as shop foreman during the school year.

During his time here, Perez-Merino gained experience with Endstation Theatre Company, Randolph’s theatre-in-residence, and the Academy Center of the Arts. He also interned with the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton during the pandemic.

“It was wonderful,” he said. “You’re pushed to do a bit of everything, even if you have a specific concentration. I’ve held assistant roles since my first-year, and the professors have connections with other companies outside of Randolph, so you get to do professional stagehand work during the school week. Because I’ve studied so many branches of the artistic and production sides of theatre, I can maneuver around and do tasks outside of my hired roles. Tests and exams in the majority of theatre classes are based upon speed and perfection of the craft, so I can typically hit the ground running.”