SRP 2024

Summer research examining how satellite constellations affect astronomy

Luke Chapman and Shauna Shepard sit at a computer, with professor Katrin Schenk sitting behind them

As satellites are launched into the sky, they leave traces of their transit on astronomical images, decreasing the scientific value of those images. ... READ MORE >>

Randolph professor, student exploring culturally relevant teaching strategies

Education professor Taryn Robertson, left, and Madeline Dearie '25 sit in Robertson's office, talking to each other over her desk.

Culturally relevant pedagogy—instruction that takes students’ cultural differences into account—is at the heart of education professor Taryn Robertson’s summer research. ... READ MORE >>

Summer research project looking at how sound influences perceptual decision making

Reese Cooper '25 and professor Timothy Patrick sit in front of a computer, analyzing data

If a faster rhythm is present, will response times be faster?... READ MORE >>

Bringing the past to life: Professor, students team up to create an oral history of the College

Professor Gerry Sherayko, Tristan Gregory '25, and Maegan Lloyd '26 sit at a table, with papers in front of them and an iPhone on a tripod, which they use for their project interviews.

History professor Gerry Sherayko has wanted to conduct an oral history of the College for years. All he needed to make it a reality were the right students.... READ MORE >>

Students begin summer research on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Students collect samples on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Some sit in the boat, while others are in the water in wetsuits.

The project brings together two fields—marine science and computer science—that, at first glance, might not seem like a natural fit.... READ MORE >>

Randolph professor, students continue tick research this summer

Professor Erin Heller knees, looking for ticks on the cloth Ethan Caldwell is dragging across the ground to collect ticks. They are standing on a trail, surrounded by trees.

“Ecological research tends to be long-term, so you can see trends.” ... READ MORE >>

Students exploring ways to improve digital notetaking technology for summer research

This story is part of an ongoing series featuring 2024 Summer Research Program projects. ... READ MORE >>