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Symposium of Artists and Scholars set for May 11

The College’s annual Symposium of Artists and Scholars will shine a light on a wide range of topics this year—from the effects of color on stress and decision making to how social service organizations use donated goods to the implications of Instagram use on young female users.

Modeled after a traditional academic conference, the symposium features a keynote speaker along with oral presentations, readings of creative work, performances, exhibitions of student artwork, and poster presentations.

Michael Penn, professor of mathematics, will give this year’s keynote address at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, May 11, in Nichols Theatre. Oral presentations will follow later in the afternoon.

More than 40 students contributed work this year. Research subjects also include empathy in elementary education, impacts of seagrass restoration on ecosystem carbon sequestration, minimization as a coping strategy for sexual assault, how attitudes of parents born outside the U.S. influence their children’s social media usage, and more.

Find the full schedule below, and visit for more information.

Symposium of Artists and Scholars Schedule

8:30-10:00 a.m.: Breakfast & Coffee

9-10:30 a.m.: Posters and Exhibits (Hampson Commons)

10:45-11:45 a.m.: Welcome from Holly Tatum, Director of the Center for Student Research, followed by the keynote address, “A Journey into Pure Mathematics and Its Communities,” by Michael Penn, professor of mathematics (Nichols Theater)

Noon-1 p.m.: Buffet Lunch (Ashley Jack Room – by RSVP only)

1:30-2:45 p.m.: Oral presentations I

NICHOLS THEATER (Moderator: Jennifer Gauthier, media and culture professor)

  • Kimberly Steele ’22, “Minimization as a Coping Strategy for Sexual Assault: Stigma Management and Coping Strategies”
  • Hailey Gilman ’22, “Evaluating the Impacts of Seagrass Restoration on Ecosystem Carbon Sequestration”
  • Johnny Watters ’22 & Daisy Ayala-Gomez ’22, “Pigments, Pressure, and Principles: The Effect of Colors on Stress
    and Moral Decision Making”
  • Samantha Paulette ’22, “Implications of Instagram Use on Young Female Users”
  • Alissa Garcia-Cruz ’22, “A Donation’s Journey: The Gathering, Dissemination, and Prioritization of Donated Goods
    by Social Service Organizations”

KLEIN BOARDROOM (Moderator: Lesley Shipley, art history professor)

  • Ranger Kinney ’24, “The US Left in the ‘Age of Organization’”
  • Sabina Sabat ’22, “(Re)painting Marble: An Exploration of Diversity in the Randolph College Ancient Collections”
  • Charlotte Humphries ’22, “Flipping the Classroom: When Students Take the Driver’s Seat in Their Own Education”
  • Taylor Murphy ’21 M.A.T. ’22 , “Empathy in Elementary Education: Assisting in the Development of the Habits of Mind”
  • Christopher Acosta M.A.T. ’22, “French Aesthetic Theory: Visual History & Literacy in Secondary History Education”

QUILLIAN CONFERENCE ROOM (Moderator: Aaron Shreve, political science professor)

  • Sabrina Johnson ’21 M.A.T. ’22, “Bust the Buzzard: Comparing Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Small Reading Groups”
  • Donald Doyle ’22, “Reconnecting with History: Using Historical Fiction in the History Classroom”
  • Ninfa Amador-Hernandez ’22, “Public Policy Analysis: From Senior Research to Real-World Applications”
  • Joshua Bulavko ’22, “Sovereignty and Survival: Lakota Resilience since the American Indian Movement”
  • Katelyn Coghill M.A.T. ’22, “The Effects of Noncontingent Fixed Interval Reinforcement on Students with Autism”

2:45-3:00 p.m.- Break – Afternoon Snack

3-4:15 p.m.: Oral Presentations II

NICHOLS THEATER (Moderator: Karin Warren, the Herzog Family Professor of Environmental Studies & Sciences)

  • Caleb Schmitzer M.A.T. ‘22, “Cooperative Learning in the Classroom: Increasing Achievement and Reducing Disruptions”
  • Michaela Saunders ’22, “Kind Criticism: Effects of Peer Evaluation on Student Perception of Ability and Mindset”
  • James Diaz ’22, “The Relationship Between Teen Sports Participation and Delinquency”
  • Marian Small ’22, “Cognition Extended and Assistive Technology”
  • Chantel Spinner ’22, “I am Strong, I am Invisible, I am a Black Woman”

KLEIN BOARDROOM (Moderator: Gerry Sherayko, history professor)

  • Megan Westerman ’23 & William Olichney ’24, “America’s Wars in Asia and Public Opinion, 1950-1975”
  • Joshua Bulavko ’22 & Tomi-Lauren McGinnis ’23, “Assessing Virginia’s Monument Landscape”
  • James Greenfield, M.A.T. ’22, “Questioning Engagement: The Effect of Inquiry Instructional Models On Classroom Engagement”
  • Jennifer Ring, M.A.T. ’22, “Improving the Behavior of Middle School Students: Positive Behavior Intervention System”
  • Daniel Trice M.A.T. ‘22, “Never Happy, Always Angry, So Much Drama: Drama Activities to Promote Spoken French”

Posters & Exhibits

  • A’Nyeja Adams ‘22, “The Growth of an African American Woman”
  • Robert Bailey ‘24, Heidi Corbett ’24, Hailey Gilman ‘22, Sarah Greene ‘23, Olivia Richards ‘23, Ainsley Simmons ‘25, Karin Warren, “Craftivism to Raise Awareness of Global Plastic Pollution”
  • Jacqueline Clardy-Josephs ‘23, “Walk the Plank: Virtual Risk-Taking and Cheating in Adolescents”
  • Katelyn Cook ‘22 “Can the ‘Speed Gene’ be Used to Distinguish Thoroughbred from Non-Thoroughbred Horses?”
  • Dagim Desta ‘23, “A Deep LSTM Network for Apple Stock’s Price Forecasting”
  • Jaelyn Evans ‘22, Olivia Green ‘22, Christopher Perez-Merino ‘22, Lillian Tacke ’23, “The Southeastern Theatre Conference Experience”
  • Hailey Gilman ‘22, Nicholas Vazquez ’23, “January-Intensive Term at Washington University in St. Louis”
  • Kyle Grundy ‘22, “Creation of a Sustainable Amphibian Habitat in Randolph College’s Organic Garden”
  • Tyreck McFarlane ‘22, “Remote Terrain Mapping of the Mountain Biking Trails in Lynchburg”
  • Kayla Morris ‘22, “Subtle Moments”
  • Paige Naples ‘22, Madelyn Wright ‘22, “Randolph Thrive: Promoting Healthy Minds and Lifestyles through Nature”
  • Seth Pruitt ‘22, “VMX Conference Orlando, Florida”
  • Erin Schriever ‘23, “Accuracy of an iPhone 12’s Accelerometer on Five- and Fifteen-Degree Inclines”
  • Abby Whitlock ‘23, “Randolph Thrive: Promoting Healthy Minds and Lifestyles through Nature”
  • Mia Wright ‘23, “Installation of a Butterfly Sanctuary”
  • Yoben Wolde ‘22, “How Do the Attitudes of Parents Born Outside of the U.S. Influence Their Children’s Social Media Usage?”
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