The college calendar has breaks during which there are no classes in session.

  • Fall Break – 5 days in early October
  • Thanksgiving Break – 5 days in late November
  • Winter Break – mid-December through mid-January
  • Spring Break – a week in early March
  • Summer Break – early May through late August

Consult the Academic Calendar to find the dates for breaks during the current and future academic years.

Residence Halls and Dining Service

Residence Halls remain open for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring breaks at no extra charge.

The Dining Hall will be closed during breaks, and students will have to buy and prepare their own food if they remain on campus. Many share the expense and cook together during the break, experimenting with new recipes from all over the world. Often students use their breaks to visit family or friends and major cities in the USA.

During the Winter and Summer breaks, students are responsible for making their individual housing arrangements. International Students are allowed to stay on campus at an extra charge, but are responsible for their own meals.

Some suggestions for Winter and Summer breaks:

  • Visit friends or relatives who may be in the U.S.
  • Travel
  • Youth Hostels. They are much cheaper than hotels! Go to this website:
  • Christmas International House. Applicants stay with families in different parts of the U.S. for two weeks. There is no charge for the home stay, but students must pay an application fee and their own transportation. The Christmas International House program runs from mid-December to early January. Some local programs have elected slightly different dates for their programs. Applications will be accepted in October. You can get more information by visiting their website at: