COVID-19 Employee FAQ

Should I report to work?

Beginning in August 2021, most employees should be working in person on campus unless they have received prior approval from either the provost or human resources. The College has a Flexible Work Arrangement – Work From Home document for any staff members who will be working from home on a daily basis going forward. (Each vice president or division head has a copy of this form, along with the document.) The form is also located on the College’s Human Resources website, on the Forms & Policies page, under Benefit Forms.

This Flexible Work Arrangement – Work From Home will not work for all positions. For example, security must be on campus on their regular shifts. Likewise, the groundskeepers and the custodial staff must continue to work on campus.

If you are sick, please do not come to work. Proper notification to your supervisor of any absence from your regular work schedule continues to be required during this time of social distancing.

Where do I or members of my family go if we need emotional support?

Option 1 – All Points EAP

Located at 1892 Graves Mill Road in Lynchburg. To make an appointment, call (434) 845-1246 and advise them that you are an employee or a dependent of an employee of Randolph College and would like to set up an appointment. Please note that this phone call could go directly to their office or be transferred.

In person and telephonic session(s) available.

Option 2 – Anthem Live Health Online Doctor

When your doctor is not available, Anthem LiveHealth Online offers 24/7, 365 days-per-year doctor visits, as well as psychological services through the College’s medical plan. To set up an appointment with a medical doctor or a therapist using Live Health Online, simply go to or use the LiveHealth Online mobile app. Pick the state you are in and answer a few questions.

• For Randolph College Health Care Participants, there is a $15 co-pay for the medical group and $15 co-pay for the psychological group/mental health.

• For family members not on Randolph’s health insurance plan, the cost would be a $59 co-pay for the medical, a $95 for a psychologist, and $80 for a therapist. (Many other carriers offer a service like LiveHealth Online, I would suggest any family member not on Randolph’s plan to check with their insurance carrier first to see if this benefit is available at a reduced cost for them.)

What are my options if local schools temporarily close due to COVID-19, and I have no back-up childcare?

Contact your immediate supervisor to discuss possible options. Alternative work hours or arrangements may be an option depending on the operational needs of your area or department.