Student Employment

Human Resources (HR) is located in Main Hall and is responsible for Student Employment payroll and documents. General information and current student job listings are maintained by the Office of Financial Aid.

Students who require a disability accommodation to participate in the selection process or to complete the application are encouraged to contact the Director of Human Resources at (434) 947-8114.

Employment Paperwork

For First-Time Student Workers

  • Once hired, you must complete the employment forms below before you may start working. You should return them to HR within three working days of being hired.
  • Payroll cannot process your hours until all paperwork is complete.
  • Bring two forms of ID, like your driver’s license or photo ID and social security card. For a full listing of acceptable documents visit

You will need to complete the following forms and return to the HR office:

For Returning Student Workers

Returning students who are rehired to the same position or department will need to complete the below forms before you may start working for the academic year. You should return them to HR within three working days of being hired.

International Students

There are some restrictions on international students’ ability to work in the United States.  International students with an F-1 Visa are permitted to work no more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session. There are no exceptions per the Department of Homeland Security while classes are in session for students with an F-1 Visa.

Pay and Awards

Getting Paid

  • Student workers are paid a minimum of $12 per hour. Some positions may pay more depending on the department and type of work performed.
  • Student workers are paid once a month for the prior month’s hours worked.
  • Payday is on the 25th of the month unless the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case it is the weekday before.

Timecard Submittal

  • Randolph College uses Paycom to record hours worked.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are clocking in and out for your shifts.
  • You will receive notification each month to submit your timecard for approval.
  • Timecards must be submitted to your supervisor by the 10th each month. Supervisors have until the 15th of the month to approve. Late timecards will be processed with the following month’s payroll.

Working During Breaks

  • You may work during winter and spring breaks if your supervisor authorizes you to work.
  • Students are not authorized to work more than 40 hours per week.

Will I be taxed on my Student Employment earnings?

  • Yes, income earned through the Work-Study Program is taxable.
  • You will receive a W-2 (Wage and Earnings Statement) by January 31 for your earnings in the previous calendar year.
  • You should include these earnings on appropriate tax returns.
  • If you are enrolled full-time, you are exempt from FICA (social security taxes) during the academic year.
  • It is also the student’s responsibility to report all taxable earnings as earned income and as taxable earnings from need-based employment programs on the FAFSA for the appropriate tax year.