New Employee Information

Welcome to Randolph College!

Learn about Randolph:

Prior to the first day of employment:

  • Schedule your new-hire orientation with Human Resources, located in Main Hall by calling 434-947-8114. The new-hire orientation generally takes place on the first day of employment unless other arrangements are made.

On the first day of employment:

  • Complete and sign page 1 of the federally required Form I-9 in Human Resources,  if you have not already done so. The Form I-9 also requires that you provide the College with some forms of identification (see Human Resource for list of approved identification options) within three days of your start date.
  • Sit down with Human Resources to fill out benefits and tax paperwork, this usually takes an hour and a half.
  • Visit Reception & Information in Main Hall to have your ID badge made and pick up your door access card and building keys.

During your first month of employment:

  • Be certain to enroll in eligible benefits. Reminder:  Health Insurance and Flex Spending Account Enrollment must be completed within 30 days of employment or you will have to wait until the annual open enrollment.
  • Participate in a “Gold Key Tour” through the Admissions Department at Ext. 8100, if you did not receive one during your hiring process.
  • Take the Title IX online training. If you do not receive an email within two weeks of your hire date, contract the Human Resources Coordinator.
  • Read the Staff Handbook and return the handbook acknowledgement to Human Resources.   This is for staff employees only.