Department of Campus Safety

We strive to provide the highest degree of services to our community each and every day, and we are committed to keeping our campus a safe place to learn, live and work.  Our team embraces diversity and equity, and while doing so, treat all constituents with dignity and respect in all we do.

In addition to providing emergency and non-emergency responses, campus patrols by foot and marked vehicles, crime prevention information and emergency preparedness training, the Campus Safety Department is responsible for many other campus services including:

  • Staffing of the College’s Reception and Information Desk 24/7 with qualified Communications Operators
  • Immediate radio dispatch of Campus Safety Officers to emergency and non-emergency situations, crime and incident reports, and requests for service
  • Monitoring of Campus Emergency Alarm Systems, including fire and intrusion alarms
  • Monitoring of Card Access System and passive observation of Closed Circuit Television System
  • Coordination of Transportation and Shuttle Services
  • Maintaining a centralized Lost and Found area
  • Assisting campus motorists with minor vehicular issues
  • Production and maintenance of the Randolph College Paw Pass/One Card product
  • Conducting Security Assessments and suggesting safety improvements

In closing, the Randolph College Department of Campus Safety is dedicated to continuing to provide a safe environment for all who reside, teach and endeavor here. We sincerely hope that each of you will take an active role in preserving the safety of our community.

Please feel free to contact me directly, 434-947-8144, with any questions or concerns.

Bill Breedlove
Department of Campus Safety