Terrell Rorie ’22

Software developer, IPT Associates

Computer science & mathematics

Terrell Rorie ’22, a computer science-mathematics major, works as a software developer for IPT Associates, troubleshooting and testing websites. 

“I have always loved math and computers, and jobs are growing,” he says, “especially on the computer science side.”

Rorie chose Randolph because he wanted the chance to truly connect with classmates and professors. During his time here, he truly embraced what it is to Be An Original. 

“Going to a small college like Randolph significantly impacted my career and created better opportunities for me as a student,” he says. “I became one of the first computer science-mathematics majors at Randolph, joined the esports team, and became a resident assistant here. It prepared me for the future and taught me anyone on campus can get involved.” 

The summer before graduation, Rorie and Jaylan Thompson ’22 interned with Code Ninjas, a program where kids learn to code while building their own video games. Read more about it here.