Phuong Tran ’15

Digital Communications Manager, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia

Media & Culture Studies | Comparative Philosophy |

Phuong Tran in Richmond, VA

Tran joined ACLU-VA in 2016 as a part-time employee and is now the organization’s digital communications manager, work that centers on building relationships and encouraging collective action.

“A lot of the problem-solving skills and logical thinking skills I use come from my philosophy degree at Randolph. It has really helped me understand long and complicated legal issues, and my communications degree helps me translate them into simple language to share with the public to have more impact. Knowledge means nothing if you’re not good at sharing it.”

Part of Tran’s position involves attending hearings when Virginia’s General Assembly is in session.

“We want to be a bridge between lawmakers and the people,” she said. “We try to analyze all of the legislation being proposed, then identify issues, identify room for improvement, and look for ways to educate the public. There are people who are directly impacted by these laws and legislation, and they need to be in the room.”

She also develops strategic communications plans in collaboration with legal, policy, and development teams to advance advocacy goals while working to inform, inspire, and mobilize supporters to action.

“It’s my job to get people to care. It’s my job to use my creativity to get the stories out there,” Tran said. “If I had to describe the work I do in one sentence, it’s telling stories. I’m telling stories about the ACLU and about America, really.”