Meghan Chaffins ’21, M.A.C.S.L. ’22

Assistant Track & Field Coach, Regent University 

Sport and Exercise Studies

Master of Arts in Coaching and Sport Leadership 

Randolph College was always a home away from home for Meghan Chaffins ’21, M.A.C.S.L. ’22.

Chaffins double majored in communications and sport and exercise studies as an undergrad before enrolling in the College’s one-year Master of Arts in Coaching and Sport Leadership program. She graduated last May and went to work as an assistant track and field coach at Regent University.

“To be able to also complete my masters degree here has been a very special experience,” she said. “This program does an amazing job of having the students reflect on their ‘why’ and what they stand for as a coach or administrator. It has prepared me for my future in every way. Had I not completed it, I truly wouldn’t be ready to dive straight into the world of coaching.”

Chaffins, who played volleyball and ran track at Randolph, was inspired to go into coaching after a former coach and mentor passed away during her freshman year.

“It is because of him that I ever realized my own potential both in and out of sport,” she said. “I came to the realization that I want to change someone’s life in that way. I want to show someone their full potential and give them the opportunity to follow their dreams. The best way for me to accomplish that is through coaching the sport that we were so passionate about.”

Pursuing her passions with the support of Randolph’s close-knit community was also been life changing.

“I have met my best friends, formed lasting relationships with professors and staff, and accomplished more both academically and athletically than I ever thought I possibly could. Randolph College truly is one of a kind.”