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Important deadlines approaching for 2016 Summer Research program

Chemistry professor Bill Bare works with Di Bei '’18 in the lab during the 2015 Summer Research program.

Several Randolph students and faculty members are already making plans for summer break. But they aren’t booking a hotel room at a beach resort—they’re developing projects for the College’s 2016 Summer Research program. Next week, grant proposal workshops will be held for students and faculty participating in the 2016 program. Students are required to attend... READ MORE >>

Randolph professor and student research the reality of hunger and poverty

A Randolph professor is exploring the nexus between poverty, hunger, and food in Lynchburg in hopes that his research will generate discussion and solutions. “My sense is that most people don’t know about the extent of hunger and poverty in this city,” said John Abell, an economics professor. “I’m hoping to draw some awareness to... READ MORE >>