COVID-19 Response and Information

Randolph College remains committed to providing a safe and healthy campus experience this semester. It is important for each of us to diligently follow policies and protocols.

Fall 2023 Policy Update:


If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you need to be tested according to the CDC Guidelines found on their website. To determine the appropriate date to be tested, use the calculator also found on that page. If you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not go to class, work, or extracurricular activities and call the Health Center for next steps. The Health Center can provide testing to students who are symptomatic (the $15 fee can be placed on the student’s account or paid with cash or check at time of testing) or who have been exposed to COVID-19.  Students have the option to use or purchase tests found over-the-counter, as long as results are reported to the Health Center as soon as possible. Testing will not be available for faculty and staff.

Isolation (positive for COVID-19)

Randolph College students who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate for 5 days from the test date, regardless of vaccination status or symptom onset. If asymptomatic (no symptoms) or if the symptoms are improving (without fever for 24 hours) on day 5, normal campus activities can resume while wearing a mask for an additional 5 days. If symptoms appear and/or are not improving, the infected person must remain in isolation until the previous requirements have been met, or until day 10 (with improving symptoms).

Students living in Randolph College residential spaces who test positive have two options:

  1. Move to alternate temporary accommodations (such as home) at their own expense. Students will not be relocated and will not be permitted to move to any other residence hall during their isolation period.
  2. Self-isolate in their residential space on campus. Roommates who are not symptomatic will be offered a temporary well-space on campus but have the option to remain in their regular residential space.

If you choose to remain in Randolph College housing:

  • You ARE expected to wear a well-fitting mask at all times outside of the room & inside the room if it is a shared space. If you have a single room or your roommate has also tested positive for COVID-19, you do not have to mask while in your room.
  • You ARE permitted to leave your room to access the restroom, pick up food, do laundry, pick up mail/packages, or for any medical needs, including testing. You should limit time spent outside your room.
  • You ARE NOT permitted to go to classes, labs, libraries, or access other College facilities. You should contact the Health Center and your faculty as soon as possible.
  • You are NOT permitted to have guests in your room or have in-person conversations in any common space outside the room, and cannot utilize lounges, designated study or meeting spaces, or community kitchens.

Communication is vital should you test positive. Employees should notify their supervisor, and students should notify the Health Center. We encourage our faculty to continue to be understanding of students who are unable to attend class due to sickness.

Randolph supports and encourages anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask to do so. However, it is not required for the campus community or visitors. We recommend that all of our community members follow the CDC guidelines in terms of masking. Masks are available in the Health Center.

It is still very important to maintain good health practices. Wash your hands and don’t go to class or work if you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. The College’s COVID-19 Task Force continues to monitor the virus and its impact on our campus community and the broader community and may revisit this policy should it be necessary in the future.


COVID-19 vaccinations are recommended, but not required for students, faculty, and staff.

Continued Monitoring

We will continue to closely monitor campus COVID-19 incidence and prevalence data as well as regional COVID-19 activity and health and safety recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), VDH, and the Governor of Virginia, all of which will help inform future decisions on our campus.

Have COVID-19 symptoms?

Students who develop symptoms (see below) or have come into contact with an infected individual should contact the Health Center (434-947-8130) as soon as possible – if after hours, contact the Reception and Information Desk (RAID) at 434-947-8000 .  Faculty and staff should seek treatment from their primary care providers. Health information (including a list of symptoms) about COVID-19 is available here.